Gift Guide: Timeless Gifts for the Guys in Your Life

Great, unique & timeless gift ideas for the men in your life. He’ll love it, I promise!

Welcome to another Midweek Mini. Christmas is less than 1 month away, can you believe it? I definitely can’t. That means it is time to start, if you have not already, grabbing those gifts for the special people in your life. For me, I am always looking for great gifts for the special men in my life; not just my husband, but also other male family and my close male friends, and even the guy at work for the company Pollyanna. So, to help you guys out, here are some cool things I have in mind for the fellas I know (none of which are a watch, sweater or tool set):

  1. For the beer aficionado: Beer of the Month Club membership from Prices vary, and you can select the length of the membership. beer of the month
  2. Is he into wine instead? The same website offers wine clubs (also cigars, flowers, chocolate and cheese).
  3. For the guy who care about a good shave: Art of Shaving has kits starting at $30 including pre-shave oil, a luxe shaving cream, after-shave balm and a Badger shaving brush. art of shaving
  4. For the (not e-) book reader and/or geology fan: Geode book ends starting at $19.95.geode bookends
  5. The at-home barber: The Cut Buddy Hair & beard shaping tool. $14.95 cut buddy
  6. The Year-round griller: Grilling essentials kit. $49.95 grill set
  7. The cologne wearer: The Sephora Favorites Cologne Sampler. He can try several samples and get a full-size bottle of the one he likes most for no extra charge. (Plus it comes with a faux leather travel bag.) I mentioned this in my Sephora shopping guide. $65.00  cologne sampler
  8. For the guy who likes to get comfortable. Seriously, who says men don’t like to feel cozy.: A hooded bathrobe from Target. $39.99 robe
  9. On-the-go music lover (especially guys who run or workout outdoors): A beanie hat with wireless headphones built in. $29.99 earbud hat
  10. The traveler: A monogramed overnight bag, made in the USA. $42 (includes a three initial monogram).


Hopefully this list helped lessen your gift-finding stress this holiday season. For more tips on how to get through this, often stressful, time of year, check out my post on Surviving the Holidays.

Happy Holidays!♥



*****Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way. The links contained herein are not affiliate links.

Sephora VIB Sale Haul

makeup addict + VIB sale = over-the-top haul.
Let’s see what I got!

Well guys, we survived another Sephora VIB sale. Did everyone make it out with limbs and bank accounts intact? I did (barely though).  I’m actually proud of myself, I didn’t go as crazy as even I expected. That being said, I did pick up quite a bit of goodies. I got a couple of items that I needed a refill on, and some new ones I am hoping to fall in love with. Keep reading to see what I got in my VIB sale haul….

Let’s start with the lips…..

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb.


I just had to see what all the hype was about. It looked beautiful and I actually did not own any simple lip glosses. Now I do and it’s so pretty….but it smells like a hair oil I used to use so idk how I feel about that.  The hair oil was coconut oil based, so it doesn’t smell bad, but it is throwing me off. Idk. Ignore me. Moving on….



Tarte tarteist Lip Bling top coat  



Tati (a YouTube beauty guru) said it was gorgeous, and it looked great when she applied it. So, I couldn’t miss this chance. Plus it doubles your lippie options since it transforms colors you already have. I like it.



Urban Decay Vice Matte Meets Metal Lipstick palette

img_2911I have owned a lipstick palette in the past. It was drugstore and I loved it. I think the idea of having multiple lip options in one handy palette is so convenient, not just for travel, but really for every day. There are three things that sold me on this: 1. It has a really nice mirror, making on-the-go touch-ups and reapplications easy. 2. It has a retractable brush. The drugstore palette I had did have a brush but I felt like it was so dirty just hanging out like that. This brush stays protested even if it accidentally falls out. 3. You have the option of both matte and metallic/shimmer colors. It is very versatile.  Very.

Sephora Crème lip stain in Pretty Auburn (26)



I really wanted to try a brown lipstick. Sephora has really nice lip products that aren’t too expensive. This one looked nice, and for the price I figured it could not hurt to try it out.




Marc Jacobs Eye-conic palettes in Frivoluxe (730) & Smartorial (760)


Guys, I really hope you took my  advice about The Wild One palette. The formula is so great, and the formula in these smaller palettes are the same aka incredible. I really liked the colors in these two, and they were unlike anything that I already had. So, why not? (This formula may be my all-time favorite eyeshadow formula btw.)

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zeroimg_2915

This is not super jet black, but it is a nice soft black shadow. Check out my October ipsy Glam Bag review to see why I love this formula so much.


Makeup Forever Excessive Lash Mascaraimg_2919



This. Mascara. Is. Everything. Period. It actually makes my lashes look like I am wearing falsies. No joke.




Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Rich Caramel




I really enjoy my YSL All-nighter, but I am forever on the hunt for good foundations. Also, recently, I felt that the YSL maybe too matte for everyday wear in the cold weather since my face is getting drier (I am still testing different ways to wear it, though). So, I grabbed this one.




Sephora Serum Gel concealer in Toffe, Crème Caramel & Pecan Pie 


We already know I love this formula. I just needed to restock. Why three colors? Toffee is my perfect concealer color. I rotate between the other two shades as under-eye/ mid-face highlight shades to add depth and shape to my face.

Urban Decay Velvetizerimg_2916

Everyone was raving about this when it first came out. I know I am late, but I was happy with my Laura Mercier powder. I wanted to use this as a mixing medium with some of my non-matte foundations to see if it would help them out. I also wanted to see if mixing it with my matte foundations would improve their wear and decrease the need to powder my face at the end (which can contribute to cake face).

Tarte Blush Bazaar- Amazonian clay blush paletteimg_2912


I have tried a Tarte blush in the past. I hated it. However, something told me to swatch it again at Sephora. I did and the blush was creamy and pigmented. Even the lighter colors showed up on my deeper skin. I have been really into blush for the past several months, so I figured this would be a good investment.

Peter Thomas Roth Mask-a-holic Kitimg_2924

This set is an AMAZING value. PTR is known to have some really great masks and for this incredible price, you can try multiple kinds of masks. The part that absolutely sold me on this was the size of the products in the kit. They look like they are full-sized. I did do some research, and the individual products are larger. However, there is no way you can complain about the size you get in here. Seriously. Even my husband is looking forward to trying some of these. Hands off the 24k gold, sir. Hands off.

Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray



I really needed a primer/setting spray and I wanted something that was hydrating. This does everything I could want- prime, set & hydrate. Done.




Beautyblender the original BeautyBlenderimg_2913


Surprisingly, I had never tried this cult favorite. Yes, I had makeup sponges, but never the original. Everyone pretty much says that no other sponges can even compare to the BeautyBlender, so I had to see what the hype was about. Those people were right. The texture and bounce of the BeautyBlender really makes a difference in your makeup application. I have been converted. I am now a believer.

BeautyBleander blendercleanser solidimg_2908


I tried cleaning my beautyblender with other soaps. It wasn’t working. So, before the sale ended I headed back to Sephora and picked up the solid cleansing bar. You can use it on, not only your makeup sponges, but also your brushes. This one even has a cute little drying rack for your beautyblender or the soap itself.

Sephora mini color switchimg_2917

This is so convenient for cleaning off your brush without wetting it for times when you want to use the same brush in multiple shadows. This lets you easily switch between colors without contaminating your shadows or muddying the colors on your eyes.


Sephora Favorites Cologne Sampler

img_2920 I got this as a gift for my husband. He really likes cologne, but only owns one for some reason. As I mentioned in the Guide to the VIB sale, this item is a great way for a person to try out several different fragrances AND get a full-sized version of their favorite amongst them. As I also said before, there are some high-end fragrances that cost more than the $65 you spend on this kit so the value is totally there.

I also ordered some more items online, but it looks like the order was cancelled due to items going out of stock. So, if I do end up getting them, I will let you guys know what the additional products are.

In total, I saved $122.80 (not counting the online items) by purchasing these products during the sale. That’s quite a bit of savings!! Do you think I made some good purchases? What did you guys pick up? I really want to know so comment below.♥

Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Mask Haul Review

I tried out 8 different sheet masks from our trip to Tony Moly. Check out how they worked for me.

A few weeks ago, L’advocate chic and I went to the Tony Moly store in Chinatown in New York City & I picked up a bunch of their sheet masks from the I’m Real line. Since this is a mid-week mini, I kindly compiled my thoughts and observations on each mask in a quick to read table below. I listed them in the order that I tried them out. Please note that I have combination skin with a very oily T-zone and dry patches near my nose, mouth and some places on my forehead.

I will say that I has two definite favorites from the bunch: the Tomato- Radiance and the Red Wine- Pore Care. These two will definitely be getting repurchased very soon. My runner up was the Avocado mask. I think this is a great mask to have on hand this winter to give your skin an extra boost of moisture during these  drying months.

If you are interested in purchasing these or any other of the many masks (including several others from the I’m Real line that I was unable to purchase in the haul), check out the Tony Moly website here. They are $2.99/$3.00 each. However, when we went to the Chinatown store, I caught a sale and was able to get 18 for $29.99 using the buy 10, get 8 free promotion.

Key Ingredient Use Initial thoughts Next Day
Seaweed Skin Purifying • cooling on the skin
• when I took it off my skin felt moisturized and radiant
Same day:
• my skin looked and felt absolutely fantastic
• my makeup applied really nicely except for a small area on the perimeter of my forehead which felt a little sticky
Tea Tree Skin Soothing • felt refreshing on the skin while it was on
• left my skin feeling a little tacky
• seemed to draw impurities to the surface—I ended up cleansing my face afterwards to get rid of some of that. Definitely not a mask you would want to do before going out
• blemishes shrank in size and were mostly gone
Red Wine Pore Care • cooling
• pores were noticeably smaller immediately after
• Skin looked fresh and balanced & not overly dewy but had a healthy glow–  wore this after two straight nights of Halloween makeup. Same night, right after taking off second night’s look
• skin looked fantastic
Rice Clear Skin • mask was nice and cool when I put it on so it helped tighten my pores
• skin looked bright and refreshed, but calm too
• looked like I had taken a shot of vitamins to the face
• skin continued to look bright and healthy
Pomegrante Elasticity • face felt a bit tighter & more firm
• looked more radiant
• there was not a lot of sticky serum left on my skin  like I have gotten with other masks
• did not notice a difference in my skin the next day
Tomato Radiance • smells like tea tree oil (which gave me confidence that it would clear up imprefections)
• no immediately noticeable difference
• a breakout had mostly cleared up
• skin definitely looked clearer
Avocado Nutrition smells like a sweetly scented body wash or candy Same day;
• left my skin feeling very moisturized, not at all greasy
• my makeup went on well afterwards

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading guys!♥



This post is not sponsored in any way. I purchased all of these items myself and any brand links are NOT affiliate links.

2017 Sephora VIB Sale Buying Guide

MY guide to the top products in every category that you should pick up during the Sephora VIB sale.

Guys….today is the day. It is the day that beauty lovers wait for every year…that our wallets wait for every year… Today starts the annual Sephora VIB sale (round 2 if you are Rouge member like mois). I am quite sure that some of you already have a list long enough to rival a child’s Christmas list, but in case you still need help narrowing it down, for everyone else who does not know where to start, I am here to help. Here are some of my MUST HAVE products that I think are absolutely worth picking up at this sale. Some of the items are splurges, while others are staples in my collection. Either way, though, who doesn’t want to save money when they can?

To make this guide a little easier to navigate, I will divide the products by use, explaining each item individually. Then, have all the items in a chart at the end of each section with the prices and whether it is limited edition or not. The prices listed are the regular prices, since the discounts vary by Insider status.


I am starting with tools because really make a difference in how your makeup applies and performs.

Two of my favorite foundation brushes are from the Sephora Collection: PRO Flawless Airbrush #56 and Classic Mini Multitasker Brush #45.5. The #56 brush is amazing and an absolute must-have for me. Since I’ve gotten it, it has been the only brush I’ve used to apply my liquid foundations; I even use it to blend in my concealer. The #45.5 brush is a travel-size version of Sephora’s Multi-tasker brush that I think is great for traveling. You really can you this brush for almost all of your face products—both powders and liquids. If you travel, or want a good brush to keep in your purse for touch-ups, this is a great option.

SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Flawless Airbrush #56 $32.00
SEPHORA COLLECTION Classic Mini Multitasker Brush #45.5 $14.00


Starting with my favorite eye shadow primer, I have to recommend the TOO FACED Shadow Insurance. Even when compared to the legendary UD primer Potion, this one comes out on top for me. Although the primer is a beige cream, unlike the Primer Potion, once applied to the eyelids, this disappears. I also think it does a much better job of not creasing throughout the day.


Another TOO FACED product that is my regular rotation is the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette. This classic palette is a solid neutral palette that really works for most skin tones. As a deeper skinned woman, this palette contains my all-time favorite transition shade- Puree. Overall, this palette is so versatile and has such great colors that even though I can easily create tons of looks with it by itself, I find myself reaching for it regularly to help pull together looks using other shadow palettes.


There are two limited edition, splurge palettes that I think are worth picking up during the sale (and while they are available): Marc Jacobs Beauty, The Wild One Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette &  SEPHORA COLLECTION, Sephora PRO Editorial Palette. Starting with the Marc Jacobs palette, since I just did an entire splurge-worthy post on it <here>. I won’t go too much into it other than saying if you want a good high-quality shadow palette that is versatile, this is a great one to get. The Editorial Palette is absolutely fantastic if you are into brightly colored eye shadows. I will admit that I do not reach for this every day, however, it an awesome pigment palette to have when you want to do some fun looks. One way you can get a lot of use from it is to use the pigments as eyeliners. Just wet a liner brush with some setting spray, and these work really well for that. It also keeps you from having to buy a ton of different liners in different colors.

Listen guys, if you are looking for a mascara that eliminates the need for falsies, the MAKEUP FOREVER Excessive Lash Arresting Volume Mascara is it. That’s all I have to say about that—get it. Period.  It is kinda expensive for a mascara, so now is the time to get it.

MUFE excessive lash

If you are the kind of person that likes a more natural looking mascara that just slightly enhances you lashes, or if you want a great option for your lower lashes (which is what I use this for), the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara is perfect for you. It separates and lengthens your lashes and does not transfer (which is especially critical if you use it on your lower lashes).

roller lash

I am also going to include two brow products in this section, both from Benefit Cosmetics—ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color with Brush and Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel. In general, Benefit Cosmetics has some pretty solid brow products, but these are my two current favorites. Using them together has been giving me the best brow days of my life…and that is without having to pluck, wax or thread my eyebrows.

TOO FACED Shadow Insurance $20.00
TOO FACED Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette $49.00
MARC JACOBS BEAUTY The Wild One Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette $99.00 LIMITED EDITION
BENEFIT COSMETICS ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color with Brush $24.00
BENEFIT COSMETICS Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel $24.00
MAKEUP FOREVER Excessive Lash Arresting Volume Mascara $25.00
BENEFIT COSMETICS Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara $24.00


I pretty much exclusively use only one kind of lip liner: SEPHORA COLLECTION, Rouge Gel Lip Liner. These liners come in a million shades, and deliver such  intense color that I have used them with a balm and skipped the lipstick. The gel texture makes them very easy to apply. You don’t have to worry about skipping and tugging on your lips.

SEPHORA leg lip liner

One product that I know I personally want to try is the Tarte Limited-Edition Tartiest Lip Bling Top Coat – Holiday Kiss Collection. This lip topper looks like it adds the perfect amount of bling to make the lipsticks you already own holiday party-worthy.  I’m definitely going to grab this, especially since it is limited edition.

Tarte Lip bling top coat

SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Gel Lip Liner $12.00
TARTE Limited-Edition Tartiest Lip Bling Top Coat – Holiday Kiss Collection $20.00 LIMITED EDITION


So… since there are QUITE A FEW face products that I love from Sephora, I’ll just group them by product category.


Although I have several primers myself because I use them depending how I’m feeling that day, if you are looking to get a new one, I would suggest you purchase one depending on what you want your primer to do MOST of the time.

Blurring- The YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer is the best for completely blurring any imperfections and large pores on your face. There are gold flecks that are supposed to make your skin look radiant, but if you want a primer for radiance, I have a way less expensive one in this list.


Radiance- The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance makes your skin look like gold. I wore this faithfully all last winter. It added a gorgeous glow in the months where skin can easily look dry and dull. Even with my oily skin, this did not make my skin look too oily. It also kept my makeup looking great for 12+ hours per day, even after heavy gym workouts.


Mattifying- The Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer is fantastic. It is smooths and mattifies your skin to perfection. The only reason I prefer the Touche Eclat pirmer for daily use is because this one will clog your pores if you wear it all day, everday. I generally save it for parties or other special occasions that I really want to guarantee a matte face.


Color correcting/skin perfecting-The Stila One Step Correct primer (not to be confused with the One Step Prime primer) is a gel serum primer that color corrects and perfects you skins tone and texture over time. I used this all summer and loved it. Let me give you this word of warning, though, if you need significant color correcting, you will still need to use additional color correctors. This is for more mild color correcting.



I give the same advice for all of the face products as I did for the primers: go with the one that best suits your needs.

Mattifying (Liquid)- The MAKEUP FOREVER Mat Velvet + mattifying foundation is a really good liquid matte foundation. It is pretty full coverage and definitely matte. Keep that in mind. Matte. Not skin-like. There is a difference that not everyone picks up on until they put on a truly matte foundation and realize that they wanted a more satin matte finish.

MUFE Mat Velvet

Mattifying (powder)-The SEPHORA COLLECTION Matte Perfection Powder Foundation is really nice and is reasonably priced, even before the discount. I have tried applying this foundation various ways, and using a damp Beauty Blender/ makeup sponge is the best way in my opinion. This is how I would get the fullest coverage.  This is one of the first products I ever hit pan with. I really do love it.


CC cream- The IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ is fantastic. This CC cream has just as much coverage as some foundations I have used (which is why I put it with the foundations). This was my everyday foundation all summer. Not only does it have great coverage, but it is good for your skin. I can honestly say that I saw a noticeable improvement in my skin while wearing it. There really are no negatives to this other than shade range (I wear the darkest shade…and I’m relatively light on the dark/deep foundation spectrum)… I just prefer a more matte, foundation during the winter. I know it seems backwards, but I like lighter, more fresh-faced makeup during the hotter months. Less fuss. If I want a no makeup look, this will always be my go to.


Budge-proof- I have not tried this foundation for myself, but I have heard pretty great things. I want to try the ESTÉE LAUDER Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup. So, I put this on the list. As I have said before, now is the perfect time to try new products since you can get them at a discount instead of paying full price.


Concealers/ Color correctors:

The SEPHORA COLLECTION Bright Future Gel Serum Concealers and Bright Future Color Correctors are fantastic. I think both of these products are on par with their higher end counterparts. For example, I own the Nars concealer that everyone loves. I think that the Sephora concealers have a lighter, gel-like texture and work just as well, if not better. I have already repurchased this several times. I have even used them in place of foundation this summer. The color correctors have a similar feel. I like the texture better than the Urban Decay correctors which feel similar. I have also repurchased these.


I have tried several contour palettes, both high-end and drug store, cream and powder, and my favorite is the SEPHORA COLLECTION Contour Palette. This is a powder contour palette. The formula is great and blends easily. I believe there is only one palette that is supposed to work on most skin tones. I think the colors will work on most.

sephora contour palette

The BECCA, BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette is the best. The colors are gorgeous for tan to deep skin tones. I use this literally every day. I’m not a person who likes my highlight beaming to the heavens, so this palette is perfect for me as it gives a gorgeous natural glow. This palette is limited edition, so if you are interested, move quickly.


Finishing spray/powder:

Powder: No, I am not going to say everyone’s favorite translucent powder. What I am going to say is one of my current obsessions (and was featured in our October Monthly Obsessions post <here> and my OctoberGlam Bag review)- the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed™ Poreless Finish Airbrush Pressed Powder. I use this before applying liquid foundations to perfect my skins texture and provide extra matte staying power. I also use it to set my foundation. I ALSO use it to touch up my makeup throughout the day. Check out the obsessions post to get my full list of reasons as to why this is so great. Just know that it is.


Spray: The TOO FACED Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray is just as versatile as the IT Cosmetics pressed powder. I use it to prime my face, set my makeup AND refresh my makeup throughout the day. It is hydrating, but does not make my skin oily. It dries down quickly, and it also smells like coconut. All the thumbs up.



SEPHORA COLLECTION Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer $14.00
SEPHORA COLLECTION Bright Future Color Correctors $14.00
SEPHORA COLLECTION Contour Palette $28.00
MAKEUP FOREVER Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation $41.00
SEPHORA COLLECTION Matte Perfection Powder Foundation $20.00
TOO FACED Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray $32.00
YVES SAINT LAURENT Touche Eclat Blur Primer $52.00
BECCA BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette $46.00 LIMITED EDITION
IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ $38.00
IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Pores Pressed™ Poreless Finish Airbrush Pressed Powder $29.00
STILA One Step Correct $36.00
GIVENCHY Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer $38.00
LAURA MERCIER Foundation Primer – Radiance $38.00
ESTÉE LAUDER Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup $42.00

Skin care

So I have two things on here specifically for men, both relate to grooming.

THE ART OF SHAVING, The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™ is a really great kit for men with sensitive skin, or who just want the best shave they can get at home. My husband could not use razors on his face before he found this. This kit gives the guys everything necessary to get a close shave without the skin irritation and razor bumps. It comes in the full-size and travel size. I suggest either one, honestly.


I heard about the TOM FORD Conditioning Beard Oil from a popular beauty guru’s husband. Beards are itchy to the women who have bearded men. This oil softens the beard to help that out, it also acts as cologne. I plan on getting this for my hubby to try.

tom ford beard conditioning oil

The third item under my skin care list is also something that I have not tried personally yet- the Peter Thomas Roth Mask-A-Holic 6-Piece Kit. This limited edition holiday set of deluxe size masks (they look like full sized, but are not as big as the regular individual products). I have heard that the PTR masks are fantastic. I think this set is a wonderful value considering you can pay the same price for ONE of the masks regularly that you do for the set. I grabbed one last weekend in the early Rouge VIB sale. If you are not into face masks, this would make a great gift for someone who is.


THE ART OF SHAVING The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™ $120.00
TOM FORD Conditioning Beard Oil $50.00 ONLINE ONLY


The last item on my list is also primarily for the guys (although there is a perfume version). Sephora released their SEPHORA FAVORITES Cologne Sampler for the holidays. It may seem pricey for a bunch of samples, but the value in this set is that once you (or the other person) picks their favorite sample, they can bring the sample (can be empty) to a Sephora store in exchange for the full size cologne for no extra cost. There are some higher-end fragrances in here, so it is definitely worth the price.



Well, guys, we made it to the end! Yay! I hope this guide has helped give you some direction on what you may want to purchase this year at the VIB sale. In the comments below let me know what you are thinking about buying. Do you agree with my list? Is there anything different that you are planning to purchase?

Ă€ bientĂ´t!
♥la développeur sophistiquèe♥

MUFE Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation $41.00
MUFE Excessive Lash Arresting Volume Mascara $25.00
SEPHORA COLLECTION Bright Future Gel Serum Concealers $14.00
SEPHORA COLLECTION Bright Future Color Correctors $14.00

Contour Palette

SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Gel Lip Liner $12.00
SEPHORA COLLECTION Matte Perfection Powder Foundation $20.00
SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Flawless Airbrush #56 $32.00
SEPHORA COLLECTION Classic Mini Multitasker Brush #45.5 $14.00
TOO FACED Shadow Insurance $20.00
TOO FACED Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray $32.00
TOO FACED Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette $49.00
YVES SAINT LAURENT Touche Eclat Blur Primer $52.00
BECCA BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette $46.00 LIMITED EDITION
IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ $38.00
IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Pores Pressed™ Poreless Finish Airbrush Pressed Powder $29.00
STILA One Step Correct $36.00
MARC JACOBS BEAUTY The Wild One Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette $99.00 LIMITED EDITION
GIVENCHY Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer $38.00
BENEFIT COSMETICS ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color with Brush $24.00
BENEFIT COSMETICS Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel $24.00
BENEFIT COSMETICS Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara $24.00
LAURA MERCIER Foundation Primer – Radiance $38.00
THE ART OF SHAVING The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™ $120.00
TARTE Limited-Edition Tartiest Lip Bling Top Coat – Holiday Kiss Collection $20.00 LIMITED EDITION
ESTÉE LAUDER Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup $42.00
TOM FORD Conditioning Beard Oil $50.00 ONLINE ONLY

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored in any way. All thoughts are my own. 

Splurge-Worthy? vol. 2: Marc Jacobs, The Wild One Eye-conic shadow palette Review

Is this eyeshadow palette worth the high price tag? Should you grab it for 20% off while you can? Check out my post to see.

Welcome back to my Splurge-worthy series in which I try out high-end products and tell you whether I think they are worth the splurge, or if you should just hold on to that hard-earned cash for another product.

So, here we are in the middle of the heavily anticipated Sephora VIB sale. Now is the perfect time to pick up the more expensive products that you may have wanted to try, but did not want to pay full price for. Since the holiday releases are also out in full effect, it makes it an even better time to grab some high-end limited-edition palettes.

With a regular retail price of $99, the Marc Jacobs Wild One, Eye-Conic  Eyeshadow Palette is one of the most expensive holiday palettes at Sephora. Curious if you should snag it at 20% off while you have the chance? Keep reading for my full review.

The palette consists of 20 Eye-Conic shadows with varying finishes. You get 8 mattes, 9 shimmer and 3 glitter shades.  Check out the swatches below.


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There are three things that I consider when looking at high-end palettes (really any palette): formula, color selection, and usability/versatility (meaning how much I can use this). So, that is the criteria I will use to rate this.

  1. Formula

Swatching these shadows in-store is really what sold me on them. The formula is incredibly soft and smooth. The pigment is bright, but highly blendable. Even the glitter shades (called lamé texture on the packaging) don’t feel harsh and gritty, and just glide on.

  1. Color Selection

This palette has a very pretty range of shades and textures. There are some pretty neutrals that can work at transition shades for multiple skin tones. The shimmers are gorgeous and include an amazing color-shifting one called Chameleon (appropriately named). There are two true glitter shades a pretty pink with a tangerine reflect- Hen Party, and an icy silver- Funny Bunny. The third glittery shade is not a lame texture like the other two, but it is a smooth black matte with silver glitter flecks throughout.  I cannot recall any other palette that has  this kind of combination of colors. It is a bit random—brick red, forest green, shimmery purple, tan, glitter pink, etc.—but I like it. It feels like it could be a collection of smaller more focused palettes all put together in one… which is not necessarily a bad thing.

  1. Usability/Versatility

As I said in the “Color Selection” section, this palette seems like multiple palettes in one. In my mind, that is perfect for a holiday palette. You can do such a wide variety of looks and aren’t limited to just one theme such as in almost every other palette such as one dedicated to warm tones or neutrals or just shimmers. It does not need a companion palette to create a complete, cohesive look. In fact, I have been able to make several different looks using this palette exclusively, making this an ideal palette to take when traveling. It even has a nice-sized mirror that is super clear and makes it even more convenient to use away from home.

Final Verdict:

I definitely think that this palette is Splurge-worthy. It passes all of my rating criteria, and the only negative is that you really have to make sure to tap the excess color off of your brush or you’ll have a ton of fall-out. While, yes, this is one of THE MOST EXPENSIVE of the holiday, limited-edition palettes at Sephora, it is also the most versatile. The formula is great. the shadows are easy to work with… I really can’t think of a single good reason not to like it. So, if you were on the fence about this one, go ahead and jump off on the side of purchasing it. I think it is absolutely worth the money, and since now is the time to get it for 20% off it is an even better buy.

That concludes another edition of my Splurge-worthy series. I hope my review helped you guys get a little closer to deciding whether this product is worth those hard-earned bucks.Come back this Friday for my guide for shopping the Sephora VIB sale–tips from a VIB Rouge member.♥




Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I purchased this palette myself (at full-price too- lol).

Surviving the Holidays: Tips for Dealing with Stress 

Here are some helpful (non-BS) tips to deal with stress and survive the holiday season (or just daily life).


Now that Halloween is over, and it is finally November, the holiday season is upon us. With Thanksgiving only a few short weeks away, followed by the December holidays and New Year’s, we are already seeing stores packed with Christmas décor and commercials about how to host the grandest holiday dinner of them all.

For some of us, the holidays and family gatherings may be a source of stress. Especially in these tense political times, family dinners can turn into heated debates. And even if THAT is not a concern, just the sheer amount of things to do, buy and prepare is stressful in and of itself.

But still, there is no need to dread this time of year. Here are some helpful tips to deal with stress and survive the holiday season (or just daily life).

  1. Remember that whatever situation you’re dealing with is finite.

Absolutely nothing lasts forever, and certainly not that family dinner. By keeping in mind that there is a tomorrow and life will continue after whatever this stressful event is, you are providing yourself with the light at the end of the tunnel. Once you get through it, it is done.

For example, say your great-aunt is talking your head off. It maybe supppppper boring, but remember: The night will end and the talking will have ceased. Better yet, remember that your time in these moments are finite. They do not last forever and you do not get to repeat them. By thinking in that way, you find yourself being able to tolerate things that seemed like a bother and really appreciate (if not fully enjoy) the moment. Cooking that large dinner becomes less of a hassle when you realize it’s only once a year for people who you love and will gather with you just for one holiday meal. Once the dinner is done, it’s done and life goes on to something else with these moments behind you.


  1. Don’t get so absorbed in the details that you miss the big picture (and ruin the experience).

This is something I learned from planning my wedding. At the time I was so stressed about the tiniest things, trying to make sure everything was perfect. By the time it was all over, I had had such a blast that I totally forgot about the tiny things that did not go my way (like my ceremony décor not coming out how I wanted it). Overall, the moment was NOT ruined. I had the best night of my life, and MY GUESTS had a great time. Almost two years later and people are STILL telling us how great it was…not how the lights weren’t dimmed properly and the candles not grouped how I wanted them.

So… when it comes to your holiday events don’t get so upset or stressed by the smaller details, such as your perfectly crafted tablescape missing a votive or a burnt sweet potato pie, that it ruins your entire evening (and that of your guests because you are in a funk). Sure, you may have to run out and grab a box of Entenmann’s cookies from Rite Aid for dessert, but there’s always next year. Plus it makes for a funny story.


  1. Don’t craft a story in your head.

This is probably the vaguest of all my tips. Does it mean you can’t make up stories for the kids after dinner? No. Of course not. It simply means to accept things as they are, and not to create your own version of what’s  going on in your head.

One example, that I’m sure we all encounter daily, is someone cutting us off on the road. Personally, I used to get extremely angered by this. But, when you think about it, I was mad because I felt like the person was being a jerk and just zooming around recklessly for no reason. The FACT of the matter is that I had no clue what was going on in the other person’s car. They could be on their way to deal with a crisis situation of some sort. If I knew that that was the case, I wouldn’t be mad, I’d be sympathetic. But we don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s car, in other people’s heads (i.e- if someone appears to be looking at you “the wrong way”). SO, instead of working yourself up, just let it go because you truly don’t know.

Here’s another example, your Aunt Jean is thirty minutes late and is supposed to be bringing the turkey. In your mind, you start going off about how she is always late, this is inconsiderate, etc, etc. OR you either start to worry about if something happened on the road. Is she okay? Etc., etc. In both scenarios you are causing yourself more stress by trying to create a story about why she is late– BOTH of which are causing you negative emotions and stress. Instead of doing that, just acknowledge that she is late and you are not happy about it, but move on. Start a family game while you wait. Take that time to mingle with the other guests and catch up with loved ones that you haven’t seen for a while. Surely, someone has something interesting going on. If people are getting too hungry, give her a call. But the bottom line is not to make up stories about what’s going on.


  1. Don’t underestimate the power of a positive statement.

If all else fails, just search for the silver lining. If you are determined to pick out three positive things about a situation you hate, you will either change your mind about you feel about it, or will amuse yourself trying to figure out the three things. In either case, your mood will lift. For example: the food sucks. Three positives (and now you’ll have to find three more positives if you find yourself in this situation): 1. But the company I am with is fantastic. 2. The tablescape is IG-worthy so I’ll have some great photo-ops. 3. Someone brought a Brown’s Shoprite sweet potato pie (if yall have never had one….go find one now).  By making a list of the positive things, you shift your focus from the negatives. You can do this for a situation, a person, pretty much anything. When you force your perspective to good, you change the way you experience the moment.

Well folks…Those are a few tips for dealing with stress from your resident secular Buddhist. lol. I wish all of you a joyful and stress-free holiday season. I hope you can make the most out of every moment. Here are some pictures from my trip to Hong Kong and Singapore last year that really taught me a lot about inner peace and changing your mindset.


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