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Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Mask Haul Review

I tried out 8 different sheet masks from our trip to Tony Moly. Check out how they worked for me.

A few weeks ago, L’advocate chic and I went to the Tony Moly store in Chinatown in New York City & I picked up a bunch of their sheet masks from the I’m Real line. Since this is a mid-week mini, I kindly compiled my thoughts and observations on each mask in a quick to read table below. I listed them in the order that I tried them out. Please note that I have combination skin with a very oily T-zone and dry patches near my nose, mouth and some places on my forehead.

I will say that I has two definite favorites from the bunch: the Tomato- Radiance and the Red Wine- Pore Care. These two will definitely be getting repurchased very soon. My runner up was the Avocado mask. I think this is a great mask to have on hand this winter to give your skin an extra boost of moisture during these  drying months.

If you are interested in purchasing these or any other of the many masks (including several others from the I’m Real line that I was unable to purchase in the haul), check out the Tony Moly website here. They are $2.99/$3.00 each. However, when we went to the Chinatown store, I caught a sale and was able to get 18 for $29.99 using the buy 10, get 8 free promotion.

Key Ingredient Use Initial thoughts Next Day
Seaweed Skin Purifying • cooling on the skin
• when I took it off my skin felt moisturized and radiant
Same day:
• my skin looked and felt absolutely fantastic
• my makeup applied really nicely except for a small area on the perimeter of my forehead which felt a little sticky
Tea Tree Skin Soothing • felt refreshing on the skin while it was on
• left my skin feeling a little tacky
• seemed to draw impurities to the surface—I ended up cleansing my face afterwards to get rid of some of that. Definitely not a mask you would want to do before going out
• blemishes shrank in size and were mostly gone
Red Wine Pore Care • cooling
• pores were noticeably smaller immediately after
• Skin looked fresh and balanced & not overly dewy but had a healthy glow–  wore this after two straight nights of Halloween makeup. Same night, right after taking off second night’s look
• skin looked fantastic
Rice Clear Skin • mask was nice and cool when I put it on so it helped tighten my pores
• skin looked bright and refreshed, but calm too
• looked like I had taken a shot of vitamins to the face
• skin continued to look bright and healthy
Pomegrante Elasticity • face felt a bit tighter & more firm
• looked more radiant
• there was not a lot of sticky serum left on my skin  like I have gotten with other masks
• did not notice a difference in my skin the next day
Tomato Radiance • smells like tea tree oil (which gave me confidence that it would clear up imprefections)
• no immediately noticeable difference
• a breakout had mostly cleared up
• skin definitely looked clearer
Avocado Nutrition smells like a sweetly scented body wash or candy Same day;
• left my skin feeling very moisturized, not at all greasy
• my makeup went on well afterwards

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Thanks for reading guys!♥



This post is not sponsored in any way. I purchased all of these items myself and any brand links are NOT affiliate links.


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