Brand Spotlight: NYX Cosmetics

This month, the spotlight is on NYX Cosmetics!

Hey guys!

For this month’s brand spotlight, LC and I are focusing on one of my personal favorite drugstore brands: NYX Cosmetics. NYX has such a wide range of products, that you could literally stock your entire makeup collection with only their brand, and you wouldn’t need a single thing more. In this post, we are talking about our absolute favorites from them. So, keep reading to see what it is that we are loving…

LDS: Elements eye shadow palettes: Earth & Fire

These are really really good eye shadow palettes. The colors are pigmented and blend well. They last a long time on the eyes. I remember when they first came out last summer, they were getting a lot of hype— maybe partially because NYX (wisely) used YouTubers as the faces of the different elements. As soon as the campaign was over, though, everyone forgot about them. Probably because the palettes were super expensive for the NYX brand, but I still think they were good palettes. (I will mention that I got mine for like 30% off at Ulta, which is the only reason I bought two of them.) If you want to try them now, though, they are only $15 on the NYX website.

LDS: Faux Black Eyeliner

I received this product in an Ipsy bag last year and was truly impressed. These creamy, rich colors are perfect for looking like you have on liner without the harshness of black. They also help the color of your irises stand out in a very subtle way (if you use your complimentary color, of course). The one that I have is in the shade Black Hole- or deep purple. It stays on top of my vanity as my alternative to traditional black liner.

LDS: Butter Lipstick

These are AMAZING. They are hands down, my favorite NYX product. These lipsticks are more like very pigmented chapstick. The colors are less sheer than traditional lipsticks, but they are super hydrating to the lips. For days when you don’t need a super heavy punch of color, but do want some color (more than a tinted moisturizer), these are a great option, especially in the harsh cold of winter.

LDS: Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick & Liquid Suede Metallic Matte Lipstick 

While these are two different formulas, my opinion of them are the same. They are really solid liquid lipsticks. They wear really well and on the NYX website you can get sets of three for only $6. I think they are worth every penny.

LDS: Powder Puff Lippie Powder Lip Cream

A few weeks ago, I did a review dedicated to this product, so I wont go into super detail about it. However, if you haven’t tried it, please immediately go do so. This cream-to-powder hippie will have your lips feeling like pillows. I love it. Love it.

LC: Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator 


So, I mentioned this product before (Get It or Forget It?) and I just absolutely love this product. I use it as an illuminating primer or mix it with my foundation to get a nice glow. It is super easy to blend alone or with foundation or concealer. It gives off a beautiful healthy glow and a little goes a long way with this. I use pure gold which is close to my complexion and adds a bit of color especially now that I am a bit paler since it is colder. It’s an illuminator that you should definitely have all year long.

LC: Bright Idea Illuminating Stick (Lavender Lust) 


So, this is not something I would have thought to get on my own. However, this product and in particular this shade I received from the Target’s 12 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar. I was hesitant to use this at first but now this something I adore. The stick gives you more control on how much you apply and it does come up lavender which is cool. However, it is very blendable! Which is why I love it. I always add this on time of my foundation and blend it with the same beauty blender I used to apply my foundation it gives off a very natural iridescent glow. I love it. Plus, I don’t have to use up all my born to glow (booyah!) It is very versatile even in the shade and as a stick which it why I love it!

LC: Dewy Finish Setting Spray


I always do natural makeup looks. I love looking like I may only be wearing lipstick and eyeshadow. Part of having that look is this setting spray. I use it every time without fail and it really sets my makeup in place. It doesn’t cake or come off easily. It also helps keep my look fresh faced (at least in my opinion). Honestly, I cannot imagine not using it when I put on makeup. If you are looking for a setting spray that enhances/accompany your light to medium non mattifying foundation then this is the product to use!

LC: Lip liner


If there is a NYX lip pencil, l’advocate chic will most likely love it (number one rule to the laws of physics). I have just about every shade and type of liner from NYX. They are affordable and come in just about every shade imaginable. I love they way they glide on especially the suede liners. Also, they are longlasting! My lipstick may have long disappeared on me but that nyx liner will stand by me and have me looking a little crazy but hey least I know it isn’t false advertising! NYX lip liners is how I was first introduced to the brand so they hold a special and definite place in my heart.

Which are your must-have products from NYX? Let us know in the comments below. We love chatting with you!


My January 2018 Obsessions

Five of the things I COULD NOT do without this past month.

Hello, hello lovely people!

Just in time for your evening commute home, or your quick read while you are waiting for your companions at happy hour, here are my monthly obsessions for January…

Neutral eye shadow looks


I’m not sure why, but recently I have been finding myself sticking to more neutral eye looks. Perhaps it is the dullness of these dreary winter days. I’m not sure, but I can’t say that it is a bad thing. Sometimes it is nice to just enhance your features instead of using bright & bold or dark & smokey colors to grab attention. Plus, if the eyes are neutral, it gives you a change to play more with fun lip colors.

Glowing Skin


I know I mentioned in a previous post that I like my skin to look super matte in the winter, but this winter has been ultra-drying for my face. So,  to keep from looking like a victim of this arctic air, I find myself trying to get more of a glow from within look. Yes, I still use mattifying products, but I ALWAYS highlight now to give my skin a dewy, wet looking highlight.

S’well bottles

It wasn’t even cold this day. The container just kept the coffee THAT hot.

One thing that keeps me going on those cold mornings is nice, hot coffee or tea. I think we all have had an experience where we left the house with a hot drink, but by the time we got to our desks, it was lukewarm at best. Well, a few months ago at Target I chanced upon their Swell beverage containers’ display. Swell has both bottles and travel mugs in a huge variety of super cute designs. These very immediately became my favorite to-go beverage containers. They keep whatever you are drinking, hot or cold, at (or near) its original temperature for HOURS. I have gone an entire work day with my coffee staying hot— no joke.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Soap


I love all-natural products, especially ones that work. Not only does this work, but it works well…for a lot of things. As it tells you on the bottle, this soap can be used for everything from household cleaner to shampoo to vegetable wash. I use it for all of the above plus some. I have yet to find a better cleaner for my makeup brushes. It makes your house smell like peppermint. It is just all around fantastic. Now, it is harsh, so it has to be diluted with water (dilution ratios are on the bottle), but that just helps the product last longer. I will say to avoid this on your skin or hair if you have dry skin or hair. If you want to use it anyway, be sure to condition your hair and to moisturize well as soon as you get out of the shower.

Heart Signal


Last, but not least, is my favorite show from January that I binge-watched the complete series within one week. This show is a Korean reality-tv series where six strangers move into a house for three weeks and try to find love. The twist of the show is that there are four “experts at love” watching the show, too, trying to guess the “heart signal” from each episode. Now, if you rolled your eyes when I said “reality tv” and “trying to find love” please understand that this is a far cry from American reality tv. Not one time will you see any sexual advances, not one kiss, no ridiculous fight scenes, none of that. Korean culture traditionally requires a much higher level of decency on tv than is acceptable in the West. Trust me, you guys will not regret watching this. Even without high levels of ridiculousness, this show is full of twists & turns and is wildly entertaining. You can find it on if you want to check it out.

Well, those are my obsessions for the month of January. I hope you give at least one of them a try. Who knows, maybe my obsession for this month will become your next favorite.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading! 💜

January BoxyCharm: My 1st Box

My very first BoxyCharm box! I cancelled my Ipsy subscription for this…did I make a mistake? My thoughts & swatches.

Hey guys! I know it’s a bit late in the day for a post, but I JUST got this box (the tracker says it came yesterday afternoon but I was sick & just found it today).

Initial thoughts: Wow this took forever to receive! I signed up for the monthly BoxyCharm subscription service on January 2nd. AFTER signing up, I was notified that I was on the waitlist. Unlike with ipsy, there was nothing that I could do to get off of the waitlist. Bummer. 😔 The good news is that they do not charge you for your first box until you are taken off of the waitlist.

I received the email confirming that I was off of the waitlist on 1/11/18. I was charged for the box on the same day. I did not receive my shipment notification until 1/18/18. 😶😐😒Color me annoyed.

It took a couple of days for the FedEx tracking number to be activated, and once it was it said that my package was expected to be delivered on 1/22/18. So, I waited super anxiously all day on Monday for my box. Imagine my surprise (and annoyance) when, at the end of the day Monday, my box had not arrived AND the updated estimated delivery date had moved FOUR DAYS to Friday 1/26/18. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Well…now that it’s here, was it worth the wait and $21???

I’d say yes. Definitely. I haven’t gotten a chance to actually try any of the products, but seeing what I got and swatching them has me extremely excited!

Dr. Brant, Pores No More  Luminizer Primer, $38

IT Cosmetics, Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil in Universal Taupe, $24

Crown Pro, Glam Metals Palette, $25

Pür The Complexion Authority, Bronze and Brightening Cheek Palette, $34

Grande Cosmetics, GrandeLips Hydrating Lip Plumper, $27

This the one product that I did swipe on my lips really quickly, It is MUCH more sheer than the hand swatch appears. In fact, it is essentially a plumping sheer gloss. Now, I have not used a  lip plumper before because my lips are naturally full. So, I do not know how they usually feel, but DEAR GOD did this burn. It felt like I had hot sauce all over my lips. Thankfully, the sensation faded away completely within ten minutes, but geez. Since the color really doesn’t do anything for me either, I’m not sure if I will use it much.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my box. For $21, I got $148 with of full-sized items.

I will do an update on how I feel about these products after some use. Hopefully, next month’s box comes in time to do a proper review before the month is over.

Based on what I received, do you guys think it was worth it? Would you give BoxyCharm a try? Did you get anything different in your box? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!👩🏾‍💻

New at Sephora- January Makeup Releases

15 Brand New releases at Sephora. This year, the makeup launches are starting off strong!

Hi guys! I hope this Hump Day finds you all doing well.

This month, we have seen tons of new releases in the makeup world. Here are fifteen of them, available now at Since this is a Mid-Week Mini, I will just leave the photos of the products below, with the names and prices in the captions.

Let me know in the comments if there are any of these that you want to see tested and reviewed. Teaser alert- a least one of these will be featured on the blog next month. I’m also curious if you guys end up trying any of these yourselves. If so, let me know!


Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation- $49
Too Faced White Peach Eye Shadow palette- $45
Stila Glitter on the Go Liquid Eye Shadow Set- $25
Natasha Denona Diamond & Blush Palette- $89
Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick- $42
Sephora Collection Pro Pigment Palette NEON- $20
Anastasia Beverly Hills Nude Matte Lipstick Set- $21
Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder-$25
Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick- $18
Stila Nouveau Nude Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set- $20
Sephora Collection #Lipstories Lipstick- $8
Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IV Eyeshadow Palette: Decadence- $125
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette- $49
Bobbi Brown Skin Long-wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15- $46
Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick- $19


Thanks for reading!

-LDS  👩🏾‍💻💜

Face Fridays v.2: 100% Natural Oils for the Face

3 of my favorite 100% natural oils that I use on my face, one of which is amazing for treating acne.

Hi guys! Welcome back to the blog!

It’s been quite a while since I did a Face Friday. So, it is long overdue.

It is easy to get lost in aisle after aisle of skincare products claiming to be the best for your skin. Sometimes it is better to go back to basics and see what 100% natural oils can do for you. This month I want to talk about a few of my favorite natural oils that you can use on your face…

Coconut Oil

Honestly, if you have never heard of using coconut oil for your skin, what have you been doing? Coconut oil is THE Holy Grail of all the natural oils. It is amazing for the skin.

This is my original oil cleansing balm to remove my makeup. I love it because, unlike my manufactured oil cleansers, I could use it to remove my eye makeup (be careful though- you don’t want oil in your eyes). It also smells fantastic and really moisturizes the skin to make it soft and supple.

I would slather it all over my face at the end of the day and get into a steamy shower to let it get into my open pores. When I cleansed my skin after a few minutes, it would have really pulled the dirt and grime out of my face.

Pro-tip: Mix sugar with coconut oil to may your own lip scrub.

Coco Butter

This is not an oil. I get it. In my mind, it is a solidified oil. Coconut oil is also solid at room temperature, though. Am I wrong?

Honestly, coco butter is one of my OG’s that was introduced to me by my mother as a child. With this winter’s brutal cold, my skin has been drier than I’ve ever experienced it to be. Coco butter has been wonderful to add an extra layer of moisture. As an added benefit, it magically works to reduce hyper pigmentation. (You can also use this on the body to prevent and reduce stretch marks.)

Tea Tree Oil

I’ve been keeping this tucked away in my back pocket for a while now. I wanted to really put it to the test for a few months to see. Now that I am sure, here’s the secret— tea tree oil is AMAZING for clearing up acne.

I have very acne-prone skin. Honestly, I feel like it has become more of an issue in the past few years. Wearing a bunch of makeup everyday doesn’t help, but since I realistically won’t be giving that up anytime soon, I needed to find something that didn’t involve a subscription to ProActiv.

I already knew the tea tree oil has anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-fungal (and the list goes on) because I use it (diluted in a carrier oil) on my scalp to treat my seborrheic dermatitis. One day I decided to see if those same properties would help my face.

DISCLAIMER: Pure tea tree oil is VERY potent. You want to dilute it before putting it on your face.

My favorite way to use it when my skin is going crazy is to mix two drops in with my night cream. By the morning, I already see a reduction in the size of the breakouts, and after a few days it clears up. I have also put one drop on a cotton swab and used it as a spot treatment, but again, it is extremely potent so please be careful.


Well there you have it, folks. Those are three of my favorite natural oils that you can use on your  face. I am not a dermatologist or esthetician. These are just tips that I have found work for me.

I like using natural products sometimes because you know what’s in them. You don’t have to worry about added chemicals at all. And best of all, they are often WAY less expensive than buying skincare products from beauty brands. You can get them all from your local health food store, such as Whole Foods.

Let me know if you have any natural oils that you use on your face! I’d love to give some of them a try.

Thanks for reading!

-LDS 👩🏾‍💻💜

Another BH Cosmetics x YouTuber collaboration palette review

Did they nail it again? Another BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette review with swatches.

Happy Hump Day! For this Mid-week mini, I am staying with BH Cosmetics to give you a review of one of their other YouTube influencer collaboration palettes. This one is with Bubz Beauty and is an eyeshadow (only) palette.

I got this palette for free when purchasing some other items. BH Cosmetics frequently has sales, which sometimes include a free eyeshadow palette with purchases over $50. Crazy right?

So here are my thoughts on this one:

Packaging: The packaging is a very pretty light pink with a rose gold lace design. There is a mirror- which is nice. I also think the inscription “Be whatever you want to be” above the mirror is a thoughtful touch. There are no negatives in this category.


Colors: This is another palette of neutrals. The problem I have with this palette is that a number of the colors either do no show up on me at all, or require serious work to be seen. I’m not impressed.


Wear: Unfortunately, the formula in these shadows is not nearly the same quality as those in the It’s My Raye Raye palette. Some of them, such as Inspired, are really patchy and hard to blend. Others are lacking in pigment and take a lot to build up—such as Confident. It is possible to create really pretty looks, such as the one below, with this palette, but it takes some work. Once they are on, I do think these shadows last a decent amount of time.




Overall thoughts: Pass. I will use this palette since I have it, but unfortunately I would not recommend spending any money on it. It just takes too much to make it work.

Well, BH Cosmetics has one amazing palette and one pass. Have you guys tried any of their other products? If so, do you have any suggestions for me? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

-LDS 👩🏾‍💻💜