Major Announcement: The Sephora Sale Continues

Hey guys!

Sephora has decided to surprise us with another weekend of 20%.

Sephora VIB and Rouge members get to shop with a 20% discount today through Monday, both in-store and online.

I have a few items I may grab since we have that chance. Do you have anything you may have missed the previous sale weekend’s that you’re excited to grab now? I mentioned a few holiday items in my 5-minute holiday look that would definitely be great options to grab on sale, for yourself or as gifts.

Let’s chat!

💜Michelle Lisette

Another BH Cosmetics x YouTuber collaboration palette review

Did they nail it again? Another BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette review with swatches.

Happy Hump Day! For this Mid-week mini, I am staying with BH Cosmetics to give you a review of one of their other YouTube influencer collaboration palettes. This one is with Bubz Beauty and is an eyeshadow (only) palette.

I got this palette for free when purchasing some other items. BH Cosmetics frequently has sales, which sometimes include a free eyeshadow palette with purchases over $50. Crazy right?

So here are my thoughts on this one:

Packaging: The packaging is a very pretty light pink with a rose gold lace design. There is a mirror- which is nice. I also think the inscription “Be whatever you want to be” above the mirror is a thoughtful touch. There are no negatives in this category.


Colors: This is another palette of neutrals. The problem I have with this palette is that a number of the colors either do no show up on me at all, or require serious work to be seen. I’m not impressed.


Wear: Unfortunately, the formula in these shadows is not nearly the same quality as those in the It’s My Raye Raye palette. Some of them, such as Inspired, are really patchy and hard to blend. Others are lacking in pigment and take a lot to build up—such as Confident. It is possible to create really pretty looks, such as the one below, with this palette, but it takes some work. Once they are on, I do think these shadows last a decent amount of time.




Overall thoughts: Pass. I will use this palette since I have it, but unfortunately I would not recommend spending any money on it. It just takes too much to make it work.

Well, BH Cosmetics has one amazing palette and one pass. Have you guys tried any of their other products? If so, do you have any suggestions for me? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

-LDS 👩🏾‍💻💜

New Product Review & Swatches: BH Cosmetics x It’sMyRayeRaye palette

New product review! This palette may be all you need in your makeup collection.

Hi guys! Happy Monday and happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Can you guys believe we are already halfway through January?? Time is really flying!

Hopefully you got a chance to check out my Everyday Glam pictorial featuring the BH Cosmetics x It’s My Raye Raye collaboration palette. If not, here’s the link.


Although it may seem a bit backwards, I wanted to give you guys a full face look with the palette before  reviewing it, because I’ve found that the best way to review a product is to use it. So, now that I was able to really try it out and see how it performed, here are my full thoughts on it, along with swatches. From now on, when I review makeup products I will judge on packaging, color, and wear. So, let’s get started.

This collaboration between BH Cosmetics and YouTube beauty influencer, It’s My Raye Raye includes 15 eye shadows, 3 highlight shades and 3 contour shades. The palette contains a mirror.


Packaging: Since it is the first thing you see with a product, packaging is important. This product is set up a s a tri-fold. The mirror folds over the shadows, then the contours and highlights close over that. I think the package design is key here since there are multiple products within this palette because you don’t want them mixing. The compact design also makes this very easy to travel with. I think the packaging color is pretty— pink and rose gold (two of my favorite colors right now— and I really appreciate the mirror.

Color: This is another warm neutrals palette with mattes and shimmers. Some people may be tired of the color scheme, but this is the first— that I can think of—that contains other face products. The fact that the highlight colors coordinate with the shadow colors is perfect for giving you a cohesive makeup look.



Wear: All of the shadows, highlights and contour colors within this palette are highly pigmented. The shadows and highlight colors are very creamy. All three products blend well and wear all day. The contour and shadows last a bit longer than the highlight, I think, but they all will get you through a full day.

The only negative about this product is that the shadows can be slightly powdery, but it’s not a huge issue.

Overall, I think this is a REALLY great palette, but ESPECIALLY for the price ($22.50). As the first one I have tried from BH Cosmetics, I am impressed. If you are traveling light for a weekend getaway, or do not like to bring bunch of makeup on vacation, this palette is all you need. You can do day and night looks, full matte looks and bolder, more vibrant looks. I give this a solid 5 stars.

It is now available at Ulta, but I am actually so impressed that I will be giving one away to one of our followers (from one of our social media pages or the blog) along with the BH Cosmetics x It’s My Raye Raye brush set (and some other, yet to be announced, goodies) in our March giveaway contest. (Stay tuned for instructions on how to enter.)

Let me know in the comments if there are any other palettes you guys would like to be reviewed, or any makeup looks for which you want a tutorial.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Everyday Glam tutorial featuring the BH Cosmetics x ItsMyRayeRaye Palette

My pictorial of how to get this everyday glam look using the BH Cosmetics x It’s My Raye Raye palette– shadow, contour and highlight.

Starting with my base makeup (foundation, concealer, powder & brows)
Using the BH cosmetics x It’s My Raye Raye palette
Start with Mousse as the transition shade
Using a fluffy blending brush, put Mousse in crease. Also put it slightly above and below the crease
Taking a denser shadow brush, pick up a little bit of Connie.
Use your brush to create a “V” shape on the outer 1/4 to 1/3 of your eyelid.
Using the same brush, pick up a little bit of Friday.
Pat that right next to Connie, overlapping just slightly.
Take the blending brush, without adding product, and blend Connie and Friday where they overlap. Also, blend both colors at the crease.
Using a flat shadow brush, pick up Tiffany (for a more intense shine, wet your brush with setting spray, but these shadows are very pigmented as is. So, I just used dry brushes).
Fill in the rest of your empty lid space with Tiffany. You can slightly overlap onto Friday.
Taking the blending brush, go slightly into Control Freak.
Going only into the crease (not above or below), blend Control Freak into the crease.
Using either a smudge brush, or a flat brush with a flatter top, dip into Connie again.
Smudge Connie on the other 1/3 to 1/2 of your bottom lash line.
Using that same brush, dip into Tiffany.
Starting on the inner corner, smudge Tiffany along your entire lash line.
Taking a flat shadow brush, pick up Fairytale.
Put Fairytale halfway into the space on your lid where Tiffany is (so if Tiffany is on the first half of your lid, Fairytale should be on the first fourth).
Take the same brush and dip into Alison.
Put that in the corner of your lid.
This is what the shadow will look like.
You can see the gradient of light to dark.
Add some liner and lashes. I also add mascara to my bottom lashes.
Using a contour brush, dip LIGHTLY into Brownie Bite (or Mocha if your skin is more fair). Use a very light hand. This contour color is extremely pigmented.
Concentrate the contour right under your cheek bone. Use light back and forth motions to blend it out.
Picking up a little more of the same color, go lightly along your jawline to slim your face. Blend it out well.
Lightly dip into Chai with a fluffy powder brush.
Sweep away any powder or fall out under your eyes (only for deeper skinned people).
Taking a fan or highlight brush, dip LIGHTLY into Rayediant (trust me—-a light touch is important here unless you want to be beaming to the heavens).
Sweep Rayediant lightly across the high points of your cheeks. You can also add it onto your nose, chin & Cupid’s bow.
Add a cute lippie and some setting spray, and you are done!