New at Sephora: Huda Beauty

Already available online, and coming to store 5/21: Huda  Beauty Obessions palettes in Coral and Gemstone.


I already own all four of the other Obsessions palettes. So, honestly, my first thought when I saw them was “yes, I have to have the full set.” Ridiculous? Yes. I know. But, I quickly grabbed a hold of my senses and took a step back and thought about it.

First off, looking at both palettes…Finish reading over at Everyday Royal.


New Product Review: Black Radiance Perfect Tone Matte Lip Cremes

Review and swatches of this new drugstore lip collection.– less than $5!

Hello lovely people!

A few weeks ago I walked past a huge display of Black Radiance products at Target and figured, why not give their new lip line a try. I bought all of the colors available at the store (swatches below), and have been testing them for weeks to get a real, well-tested opinion.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. As with most matte liquid lipsticks, they do make my lips feel a little dry, but not too bad.
  2. This product is pretty long-wearing. I’ve worn it through entire work days and it has done well, only needing maybe one touch up after an oilier meal. These before and after swatches really show how long-wearing they are: The first is regular swatching, the second is after washing my hands 3 times (with soap first, then liquid dish detergent), really rubbing on the lip colors. There is no fading and only some product movement.

3. The colors in this range are really well-suited for deeper skin tones, but I do think that people of all shades will find a color that works well on them. There are several additional shades online that were not in my local Target. Unfortunately, only the color number is on the product itself, so I do not know what the actual shade names are.




Would I recommend these? Definitely, especially since these only cost $3.99 each!

Do you guys have any liquid lipsticks that you are loving? Especially drugstore? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to try them.

Thanks for reading!💜

New at Sephora- January Makeup Releases

15 Brand New releases at Sephora. This year, the makeup launches are starting off strong!

Hi guys! I hope this Hump Day finds you all doing well.

This month, we have seen tons of new releases in the makeup world. Here are fifteen of them, available now at Since this is a Mid-Week Mini, I will just leave the photos of the products below, with the names and prices in the captions.

Let me know in the comments if there are any of these that you want to see tested and reviewed. Teaser alert- a least one of these will be featured on the blog next month. I’m also curious if you guys end up trying any of these yourselves. If so, let me know!


Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation- $49
Too Faced White Peach Eye Shadow palette- $45
Stila Glitter on the Go Liquid Eye Shadow Set- $25
Natasha Denona Diamond & Blush Palette- $89
Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick- $42
Sephora Collection Pro Pigment Palette NEON- $20
Anastasia Beverly Hills Nude Matte Lipstick Set- $21
Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder-$25
Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick- $18
Stila Nouveau Nude Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set- $20
Sephora Collection #Lipstories Lipstick- $8
Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IV Eyeshadow Palette: Decadence- $125
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette- $49
Bobbi Brown Skin Long-wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15- $46
Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick- $19


Thanks for reading!

-LDS  👩🏾‍💻💜

Another BH Cosmetics x YouTuber collaboration palette review

Did they nail it again? Another BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette review with swatches.

Happy Hump Day! For this Mid-week mini, I am staying with BH Cosmetics to give you a review of one of their other YouTube influencer collaboration palettes. This one is with Bubz Beauty and is an eyeshadow (only) palette.

I got this palette for free when purchasing some other items. BH Cosmetics frequently has sales, which sometimes include a free eyeshadow palette with purchases over $50. Crazy right?

So here are my thoughts on this one:

Packaging: The packaging is a very pretty light pink with a rose gold lace design. There is a mirror- which is nice. I also think the inscription “Be whatever you want to be” above the mirror is a thoughtful touch. There are no negatives in this category.


Colors: This is another palette of neutrals. The problem I have with this palette is that a number of the colors either do no show up on me at all, or require serious work to be seen. I’m not impressed.


Wear: Unfortunately, the formula in these shadows is not nearly the same quality as those in the It’s My Raye Raye palette. Some of them, such as Inspired, are really patchy and hard to blend. Others are lacking in pigment and take a lot to build up—such as Confident. It is possible to create really pretty looks, such as the one below, with this palette, but it takes some work. Once they are on, I do think these shadows last a decent amount of time.




Overall thoughts: Pass. I will use this palette since I have it, but unfortunately I would not recommend spending any money on it. It just takes too much to make it work.

Well, BH Cosmetics has one amazing palette and one pass. Have you guys tried any of their other products? If so, do you have any suggestions for me? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

-LDS 👩🏾‍💻💜

K-Beauty Corner: 10-step Korean skin care regiment

A quick guide to the 10-step skincare routine that will have your face in its best condition possible.

Hello, beautiful people.

Welcome to the first K-beauty corner of the new year. This month’s feature is not about a brand or product, but is all about the process. One of the biggest aspects of Korean beauty to be gaining traction in the West right now is the Korean skin care regiment. While many people are hesitant because of the many steps, others are flocking to it because of its amazing results. While I must honestly say that I am not as diligent as I ought to be, I have personally seen the positive effects of adopting this regiment.

Here are the ten steps that should be done twice per day:

Step 1: Oil Cleanser

Step 2: Foam Cleanser

Step 3: Exfoliator (3x per week max)

Step 4: Toner

Step 5: Essence

Step 6: Serum

Step 7: Sheet Mask

Step 8: Eye Cream

Step 9: Moisturizer

Step 10: SPF (obviously not necessary at night)

Ten steps seems like a lot, but keep in mind that some steps, such as exfoliating do not need to be done every day. Other steps, such as an essence, can be left out based on your skin’s needs. Personally, I do at least 5 of these steps twice per day, and I add in a third cleansing step.

If anyone is interested in trying the Korean skin care regiment, but feels like 10 is way too many steps for you to realistically commit to, here are the key parts:

  1. Double cleanse– The oil gets into your skin and breaks down & pulls out the grim and makeup of the day. The cleanser washes away the residuals.
  2. Toner– Your skin needs to be balanced after multiple cleansings.
  3. Serum– It’s like vitamins for the skin.
  4. Eye cream– The skin around the eyes is delicate. Pay it a little extra attention.
  5. Moisturizer & SPF– Combine the last two steps by using a facial moisturizer with SPF. At night you can opt for a heavier face cream without SPF.

Also, keep in mind that taking care of yourself and your face should not been seen as a chore or a task to cross off your list of things to do. Think of it as a way to pamper yourself. You are giving yourself and your skin the attention it deserves.

Give them a try and let me know if you saw a difference in the condition of your skin. Soon I’ll be showing my full skincare routine which includes the products I use for each of these steps.

Thanks for reading!💜

Product review: NYX Powder Puff Lippie

Brand new lip item from NYX reviewed.

Hi guys & Happy New Year!

I hope that these first few days of 2018 have been treating you well. Let’s make 2018 our most beautiful year ever.

As my first post  of the year, I wanted to share with you guys a quick review of a new lip product that just launched and that I fell in love with quickly: NYX Powder Puff Lippie.


If you follow our IG and/or Twitter, you would have seen that I posted about this product AS SOON as I tried it. I stumbled across it on my way to check out at Ulta. I thought it looked quite interesting and the swatches on my hand felt insanely soft. The tip of the product is a super soft puff, and the powder lip cream (as NYX defines it) is so soft and pillowy that you can’t tell if you’re actually applying anything just by feel alone.

Image 1-2-18 at 6.43 PM

I got the color Cool Intentions. It is a pretty mauve/rose with grey undertones. I think it works great as a cool-toned nude for most skin tones. The formula dries down to a matte.  It doesn’t settle into lines like some mattes do, but just sits on top, making your lips look pretty smooth. The color does transfer, and I wouldn’t say that it is super long-wearing. However, it makes your lips feel like fluffy pillows and is so incredibly soft, that I don’t mind reapplying it throughout the day.

My verdict: Run and get it. Right now.

Have a wonderful year guys. I look forward to creating great content for you.

Sparkle Eye shadow palettes

Hello, hello. I hope this Hump Day finds you all well. With the holiday season in full swing, we are surrounded by holiday collection this and holiday collection that. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to makeup. Almost every major brand has released a special limited edition holiday collection. One genre (if you will) of holiday collection items are the sparkle/glitter eye shadow palettes. In this first installment of my “Showdown” series, I will give you a quick rundown three of this season’s sparkly shadow palettes, and which one is worth your holiday cash.

Urban Decay, Heavy Metals, $55


Going in the order in which I tried them, let’s start with the UD palette. I had high hopes for this palette. The colors are beautiful and colorful; it swatched pretty nicely in store. I really thought I would LOVE this, but after a few days of daily wear tests, I realized that it wasn’t really worth the money. I felt like I had to work too hard to make the metalized effect come through. At $55, I don’t want to work that hard. I also felt like the color (not even the shine) got dull before the day was over. My recommendation: PASS.

Fenty Beauty, Galaxy, $39 (at time of publication), $59 regularly


This was one of the most talked about shimmer/glitter palettes of the autumn release cycle. Some people LOVE it. Others HATE it. One of the most heard conversations about this palette was that it was an entire palette of glitter. You can see that just looking at the palette. Once you move past that and accept the palette as one needing companion palettes or shadows to do a complete look, you can judge the palette more fairly. For me,  one of my biggest problems with this palette is that the shadows do not do enough. As a $59 palette of only glitter, I should be able to see the glitter on my lids. I tried several application methods to try to get these shadows to work. I tried almost every single shadow, too; the sparkle is MIA. Interestingly, though, you can see the glitter in the fall out all over your face, but not on your eyes. Recommendation? PASS

ColourPop, Golden State of Mind, $26


I love ColourPop’s Super Shock eye shadows. I also love most of their lip products. So, I was over the moon when Sephora started carrying the brand, and did not even bother swatching the palette in store. I just knew that I would love it like I do everything else from them…WRONG. So, wrong I was. This palette, unfortunately, was awful. I actually could not even pick up any color on a brush, and had to  scrape at the shadows to get something just to come up on my finger. Sadly, this is also a PASS. (T_T)

Think I’ll just leave you hanging without any viable options to get your lids as sparkly as the Christmas lights on your tree? Nope. Instead of trying to buy an entire palette of glitter, sparkle or metal, just buy a couple individual shimmer shadows from City Color Cosmetics.img_3622


Their huge single Shimmer Shadows are gorgeous, and have a majorly pigmented, highly shimmery shadow that really lasts throughout the day straight into the night. At $3.99 each, you can get several beautiful colors that you actually like and will use for the price of any one of the three lackluster palettes I discussed.



Well, that is it for this midweek mini, showdown volume 1. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this amazing holiday season. ♥


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