Best of Beauty 2018: Milk Makeup Matcha Cleanser

2018 was the year of great beauty discoveries for me. So instead of just doing the top 18 of 2018, I’m using the entire month of December to give you the deets on all of my favorite cruelty-free beauty products that I picked up this year. From makeup to personal care, I’ve got you! One product for each day

Welcome (or welcome back) to my Best of Beauty MONTH-LONG countdown! Every day of this month, I will be doing reviews on 31 of my favorite beauty products that I tried in 2018.

Today is day two of my Six Days of Skincare, and I am back to talk about one of the most under-rated products by Milk Makeup– the Match Cleanser.

Milk Makeup is one of those brands that I always think about when I think of beauty products made for the busy person on the go, or the traveller. I love the sleek aesthetic of their packaging, in small (but not too small) convenient packaging where you don’t have to worry about products spilling or being a hassle to apply. This cleanser is no different.

I have used this cleanser faithfully all year as my only option for facial cleanser when I travel or go to the gym before work or during lunch (and need to shower there). It is a solid cleansing bar with tiny exfoliants to clean and gently exfoliate your face. The twist up packaging makes it super easy to just throw in your bag and use at the sink or in the shower without having to worry about where you can sit it down or have it slipping out of your hands.

Unlike some other exfoliating cleansers, I was able to use this everyday for a week straight while on vacation and had absolutely no irritation. My skin also never felt dried out. It was just clean and bright. 

If you can’t tell, I really love this product. I 100% think it is the best option for your travel or gym bag. It’s convenient, a great cleanser, and is TSA-friendly. Definitely my top cleanser in 2018.

Do you guys have any skincare items that are perfect for a busy schedule or traveling? Let’s chat!

💜Michelle Lisette

Don’t forget to come back everyday at 10AM EST for the entire month of December for the rest of my Best of Beauty 2018 product reviews

5-minute Holiday Makeup Tutorial

I’m finally back with a quick tutorial on creating a gorgeous holiday look in five minutes using some new 2018 holiday makeup releases.

Hey guys!

It’s been basically a year since I’ve done a pictorial. So, with less than one week until Thanksgiving, why not bring it back to share with you guys a five-minute eye look using the Marc Jacobs See-Quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow.

This look uses one eyeshadow and five quick steps to get a gorgeous multidimensional look perfect for the holidays.

Step 1: Using a blending brush, sweep your bronzer or contour into your crease. This helps bring in color from the rest of your face, while also giving the shadow something to blend out onto.

For this step, I used one of my Project Pan products- the Make Up For Ever Pro-Finish Multi-use Foundation Powder.

Step 2: Press the Marc Jacobs See-Quins shadow all over your entire lid, dragging it slightly into the crease.

This is one of the Marc Jacobs 2018 Holiday Releases. I picked up the shades Copperazi and Topaz Flash (shown/used here) during one of the recent Sephora weekend sales.

Now do the rest of your face. With this eyeshadow, it’s important to apply the shadow first because, as with most glitters, there WILL be fallout. I even wait to do my skincare (unless I put on under-eye masks) because I’ll just have to wipe it off anyway.

Step 3: Using a pencil brush, smudge the same bronzer or contour along your entire lower lashline.

Step 4: Smudge a gel or pencil liner onto your top lash line. I like to pull mine out to a not-so-sharp wing.

This is another 2018 Holiday item- The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade Goddess (a gorgeous navy with glitter) from the 5-pack of minis that I got in my Holiday Haul.

Step 5: Using your pencil brush and the highlighter you used on your face (not a glittery highlighter- I don’t suggest those around the eyes), highlight the inner corner of your eye.

Yep, guessed it! Another holiday item- the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter in the shade Rose Quartz. I also picked this one up in the Holiday Haul, and just did a review on the entire set.

After that, add a lippie and your look is complete! With the multicolored glitter, your eyes will be lighting up the room from every angle.

(In case you’re wondering, I choose the Becca Glow Gloss in the shade Chocolate Geode for a monochromatic look.)

So what do you guys think? Would you be willing to rock a quick look like this for Thanksgiving? Do you have any quick makeup tips for the holidays?

Let’s chat!

💜Michelle Lisette

Face Friday #3: Ole Henriksen, Banana Bright Eye Cream

Hi guys!

It has been so long since I did a Face Friday post. So, I thought this would be a good way to fill y’all in on an eye cream that I have been absolutely loving.


I have tried other eye creams before (I was previously using the Acure Eye cream with chlorella + edelweiss), but none have ever really made much of a difference. This cream is different. It is thick enough to provide a nice layer of moisture, but does not affect how your makeup products layer over it. If anything, I think the combination of moisture and collagen in this cream is helping to smooth out my under eye area, making my makeup look better.

There is also Vitamin C in this formula, which acts to brighten any hyperpigmentation and darkness around the eyes over time. Additionally, the Banana Bright has a banana-tint to it, which instantly adds brightness. So, even without additional makeup you look more refreshed and awake.

Even if you don’t typically wear eye creams, with the cold weather upon us, you do not want to neglect the thin skin around your eyes. If you put makeup or powder of any kind around your eyes, the powder absorbs the moisture from your skin, and the tugging and pulling of makeup brushes or fingers can also stress that skin. So, it is worth the money and few minutes per day (morning and evening) to put on eye cream.

Do you have an eye creams that are holy-grail skincare for you? Let’s chat!

💜Michelle Lisette

First Empty of the Year: E.L.F Hydrating Serum

My first empty of 2018! Way beyond a first impression, what is my lasting impression of this product? Will I rebuy it? Do I recommend it? Let’s talk about it.

Hey guys!

I feel like you can give your best reviews once you have really tried a product long-term so you can see all of the pros and cons, how it may have affected your skin, daily wear, etc. Well, I’ve finished my first product of 2018! It is the E.L.F. Hydrating Serum.


Claims from E.L.F Cosmetics:

Designed to help strengthen the skin, this Hydrating Serum locks in moisture. The formula helps soothe and protect the skin with jojoba, aloe, vitamin E, grape, and shea butter for ultimate nourishment.

This serum felt like an extremely thin moisturizer. For the ingredients that it lists- aloe, shea butter, vitamin E- I expected it to have more weight to it. For people with dry skin, I honestly do not this this would have done anything at all. For me, it is hard to say because I only used this at night & immediately followed it up with another moisturizer & a night cream. (Note- I have combo oily skin.)

Bottom line– would I recommend this or repurchase it? No, I really wouldn’t. I may recommend this for my super oily girls who really need a super lightweight serum. However, I still feel like there are better options out there. Soon I will be posting my full skincare routine with all of my current favorites, and I also plan on trying out a lot more skincare this year so that I can give you guys some more reviews and, hopefully, suggestions.

Well there you have it…While I did get a lot of use out of this product (I used the entire thing), I would not repurchase it.

What products have you guys finished up or almost finished up so far this year? Let me know in the comments below. Do you have any serum suggestions? I’d also love to hear those.

Thanks for reading!


Face Fridays v.2: 100% Natural Oils for the Face

3 of my favorite 100% natural oils that I use on my face, one of which is amazing for treating acne.

Hi guys! Welcome back to the blog!

It’s been quite a while since I did a Face Friday. So, it is long overdue.

It is easy to get lost in aisle after aisle of skincare products claiming to be the best for your skin. Sometimes it is better to go back to basics and see what 100% natural oils can do for you. This month I want to talk about a few of my favorite natural oils that you can use on your face…

Coconut Oil

Honestly, if you have never heard of using coconut oil for your skin, what have you been doing? Coconut oil is THE Holy Grail of all the natural oils. It is amazing for the skin.

This is my original oil cleansing balm to remove my makeup. I love it because, unlike my manufactured oil cleansers, I could use it to remove my eye makeup (be careful though- you don’t want oil in your eyes). It also smells fantastic and really moisturizes the skin to make it soft and supple.

I would slather it all over my face at the end of the day and get into a steamy shower to let it get into my open pores. When I cleansed my skin after a few minutes, it would have really pulled the dirt and grime out of my face.

Pro-tip: Mix sugar with coconut oil to may your own lip scrub.

Coco Butter

This is not an oil. I get it. In my mind, it is a solidified oil. Coconut oil is also solid at room temperature, though. Am I wrong?

Honestly, coco butter is one of my OG’s that was introduced to me by my mother as a child. With this winter’s brutal cold, my skin has been drier than I’ve ever experienced it to be. Coco butter has been wonderful to add an extra layer of moisture. As an added benefit, it magically works to reduce hyper pigmentation. (You can also use this on the body to prevent and reduce stretch marks.)

Tea Tree Oil

I’ve been keeping this tucked away in my back pocket for a while now. I wanted to really put it to the test for a few months to see. Now that I am sure, here’s the secret— tea tree oil is AMAZING for clearing up acne.

I have very acne-prone skin. Honestly, I feel like it has become more of an issue in the past few years. Wearing a bunch of makeup everyday doesn’t help, but since I realistically won’t be giving that up anytime soon, I needed to find something that didn’t involve a subscription to ProActiv.

I already knew the tea tree oil has anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-fungal (and the list goes on) because I use it (diluted in a carrier oil) on my scalp to treat my seborrheic dermatitis. One day I decided to see if those same properties would help my face.

DISCLAIMER: Pure tea tree oil is VERY potent. You want to dilute it before putting it on your face.

My favorite way to use it when my skin is going crazy is to mix two drops in with my night cream. By the morning, I already see a reduction in the size of the breakouts, and after a few days it clears up. I have also put one drop on a cotton swab and used it as a spot treatment, but again, it is extremely potent so please be careful.


Well there you have it, folks. Those are three of my favorite natural oils that you can use on your  face. I am not a dermatologist or esthetician. These are just tips that I have found work for me.

I like using natural products sometimes because you know what’s in them. You don’t have to worry about added chemicals at all. And best of all, they are often WAY less expensive than buying skincare products from beauty brands. You can get them all from your local health food store, such as Whole Foods.

Let me know if you have any natural oils that you use on your face! I’d love to give some of them a try.

Thanks for reading!

-LDS 👩🏾‍💻💜

Face Fridays v. 1: Target Face Mask Haul featuring Que Bella

My Target face mask haul featuring the Que Bella brand of masks. Affordable and effective. See which ones I loved, and how they all worked out for me.

10_13_17 Face friday v 1

Happy Friday and welcome to my Face Fridays series! As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I have recently become obsessed with skincare. As I approach my thirties, I realize the importance of taking care of your skin before you are stuck trying to fix it. So, one Friday per month, I will dedicate a post to sharing some facial skin care products so we can all glow up together.

When I first started my skincare journey sheet masks,  a K-beauty staple, were some of the first additions to my routine. The first ones I purchased were from Ipsy, and I had no clue where to get them because no US retailers (that I was aware of at the time) sold them. So, imagine my surprise when, walking through my local Target, I stumbled upon some sheet masks. (I low-key did a dance in the aisle.) Since then, Target’s face mask selection has grown to include not only sheet masks, but also mud and peel-off mask packs. I have never tried them until this point, but in an effort to expand my skincare routine even more (especially since the cooler weather means back to the heavier makeup) I decided to give some of them a try… and not just one at a time here and there. Nope…I grabbed seven and decided to try them all over a week’s time. So here it is, my Target face mask haul featuring Que Bella brand masks.

Deep Cleansing: Aloe Vera Cream Mask

Initial thoughts: Could feel my skin really tightening while wearing the mask. Afterwards, my skin felt clean and verrrrrry dry, but looked brighter.

Next day: Surprisingly, my skin felt extremely oily. I suspect that my skin overcompensated for the dryness by producing excess oil.

Moisturizing: Gel Eye Masks

Initial thoughts: These eye masks were super easy to apply while I was getting ready for a wedding last weekend. I left them on for twenty minutes as I was getting  dressed, and as soon as I took them off, I could see that my under eye area was moisturized and plump.

Next day: I didn’t evaluate my under eye area the next day because I had been at the wedding until extremely late, but I will say that my makeup went on really nicely after using the masks. Unlike the other masks from Que Bella that I tried, this one came with three mask packs. I would definitely use these again in preparing for a big event.

Refreshing: Pomegranate Peel-off Mask

Initial thoughts: I noticed that if you put on too thick of a layer, it will don’t totally dry down properly. Taking the mask off, certain areas hurt a bit as the mask was pulling pretty firmly on my skin. After taking it off, I could clearly see that my pores were much smaller and my skin was brighter.

Next day: The irritation remained for a little while after taking the mask off, but by the next morning it was gone. My pores still looked fantastic.

Relieving: Watermelon Peel-off Mask

Initial thoughts: Smelled like candy. Unlike the pomegranate mask, this one did not hurt as much coming off. My face felt smooth and soft, and my pores looked pretty good..

Next day: My face still felt and looked as good as the previous night.

Repairing: Charcoal Mud Mask

Initial thoughts: This mask was very cooling while on and it lasted even after the mask was washed off. My skin was left tingling and refreshed, but felt a little dry.

Next day: This mask was THE most amazing of all of them. I was dealing with a terrible hormonal breakout, and this mask noticeably reduced both the size of my pores AND my breakout. My skin felt really balanced.

For my final two masks, I decided to use them together. In order to effectively use two masks at the same time and reap the benefits of both masks, you have to make sure you use masks whose effects complement each other. You wouldn’t want to use two masks that are drying because you’ll dry out your skin. If you use two moisturizing masks, your face can become oily. Also, you have to make sure to use them in the same order that you would use your non-mask skincare products. You wouldn’t put on a serum then use a cleanser. So, I used my purifying mask to cleanse my skin. Then, used a perfecting mask afterwards to balance and moisturize my face.

Purifying: Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Mud Mask

Initial thoughts: Very strong tea tree smell. After I took the mask off, I was a bit taken aback. The mask had drawn the oil from my skin to the surface, but it was left at the surface. My nose was covered in white heads, but not ones that could just be washed off. Other areas of my face were extremely dry. There were visible dry patches on areas of my face that were not usually dry.

Perfecting: Superberry Mud Mask

Initial thoughts: This mask smelled like candy-scented Play-Doh. It was a bit odd. After taking the mask off, I could feel that the tightness/dryness from the other mask was gone although the dry patched were still there. My face overall felt firm, and the whiteheads were still there.

Next day (for both masks): Some blemishes that I had been fighting to fully get rid of were gone. My skin looked balanced and the overall tone was markedly improved.

What are my overall thoughts of the Que Bella face mask line? I would definitely purchase them again. I didn’t even grab the entire line, so I would even get some of the others and try those out. I definitely want to stock up on the Charcoal masks as a great way to keep my skin under control during the Red Lady when my hormonal breakouts are in full effect. At only a couple of dollars per mask, I think these are a great value and would definitely recommend them to someone looking for some mask additions to their skincare routine. Besides the charcoal mask, my favorite was the moisturizing gel eye masks. A perfect day-off treatment to make your under eye area looking great, they were super simple and convenient and exceeded my expectations.

Do you guys have any face masks that you’re loving right now? I’d love for any suggestions on masks or other skincare products to feature in one of my next Face Fridays posts. So, comment below!

Have a great weekend!♥