WANDER BEAUTY | Wandress Dusk to Dawn Blush & Highlighter Palette Review

Product review and swatches of a travel-friendly face palette.

There is something to be said about the way a little bit of blush instantly adds life to your face. That’s why, no matter how quick or simple I want my look to be, I always throw on some blush. One of my favorite palettes to use for that is the Wander Beauty Wandress Dusk to Dawn palette.


There are three reasons why I love this palette: the size of the overall palette, the shades of the products, and the finish on the skin.

The palette itself is pretty small; it’s just a bit larger than the palm of my hand. That coupled with the fact that it has a mirror makes it ideal for travel. Since Wander Beauty makes products with travel in mind, it makes sense.

Inside the palette are three shades: two blushes and one highlighter. Personally, I can wear all of the shades, but the highlighter is pretty gold. So, it may not look great on lighter skin tones. My favorite way to wear these blushes it to put the darker pink right on the apples of my cheeks and blending it out with the lighter peach shade, which I then dust over my nose for a naturally flushed look that works well with mostly any look. Since the palette includes a highlighter, it makes a great all-in-one face palette for when you’re traveling or on in a rush and don’t want to grab multiple products.


The other thing I love about this palette is that all three of the products leave the skin with a soft glow. As I have mentioned a million times recently, I love a dewy base. By adding a blush and highlight with a soft sheen, as opposed to being glittery or metallic, it further makes my skin look radiant without being metallic or obviously highlighted. I also prefer this finish to matte blushes because the glow makes my skin look healthy and youthful, which is nice when the air is cold and dry.


I highly recommend this palette to anyone who wants a small, travel-friendly blush and highlight palette. Yes, the rectangular pan sizes require a smaller blush brush, but I don’t think that it takes away from the palette in any real way. The products are long-lasting, blend well and are convenient to take on trips or to have in a gym bag.

If you’re interested in grabbing it, this palette is available on the Wander Beauty website. Other travel-friendly Wander Beauty products are available at Sephora and Nordstrom.

What are your favorite face palettes? Let’s chat in the comments!

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