Morning Makeup Musings #64

Anastasia Beverly Hills is jumping on the mini palette trend this spring

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the newest brand to announce mini eyeshadow palettes.

For their Spring launch, ABH will be releasing two “palettes” and four liquid lipsticks. Although these are really just curated single shadow quads, I am here for them.

For $32 each, I don’t think these are a bad deal. $8 per shadow including the packaging (which you can use with other single shadows) isn’t terrible. If I got either, I think I’d do the cool-toned option with the blue and green shadows, but I’m not sure because that coral-gold duochrome is also catching my attention.

What do you guys think? Is $32 for a quad outrageous? Would you rather just get an entire ABH palette for a $10 more? Let’s chat!

☕️Michelle Lisette

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16 thoughts on “Morning Makeup Musings #64”

      1. Yea. I mean, in all fairness, sometimes having certain shades within the palettes are good so you don’t have to take multiple palettes when you travel or just do your makeup in general. I have four of them (Prism, Sultry, Soft Glam & Mod Ren). And I don’t think I could ever get rid of any of them because they’re different enough to hold their own. So… it comes down to preference. I can argue for both sides (apparently, since I have) lol

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      2. You have! 😂 I have Prism and I think it’s a pretty creative palette in terms of colors. I really want the Norvina palette one of these days! I do like having a palette that stands on its own though for sure

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  1. I just am so disappointed. I have come to expect creativity and concept and imagination from this brand in addition to quality, and alot of that is gone, or hit or miss, these days.


  2. The emphasis of my statement was creativity and concept and imagination. The quality is hit or miss between the shadows. I love subculture and even prism. But there are certain shades that don’t work well even in those. They’ve def differentiated themselves, like the holiday release and everything that came after the norvina palette, I loved. And I loved the concept. But then she releases the sultry and Im confused again


    1. I actually wasn’t mad at Sultry. They’ve never released a true neutral palette so I thought it was a nice addition to their overall line up. I actually use it most with Prism. But, I am interested to see where they go with their palettes this year. I’m waiting for another Prism level release also

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  3. I wish they’d focus on making another full palette instead of the minis. I need a palette from them where every shade is a knockout! Like Modern Ren. I love their other palettes but nothing compares to that one I feel like.

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    1. Modern Renaissance is actually one of the last palettes that I tried from ABH. (How? Idk either). But, yea, they already offer quads you can create yourself for the same price. Basically this was just introducing new shades. I’m looking forward to their next full palette too 🌾👀🌾

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