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Sale Announcement: Apple Watch

Sorry guys, I changed my mind. I’m back on the Apple Watch team. For today only, you can snag one for yourself for up to 25% off.

In my Battle of the Brands | Wearable Tech edition, I concluded that the Fitbit was a better option for me because it was not a distraction as the Apple Watch had been.

After a few months without my Apple Watch, though, I noticed that I hadn’t been working out basically at all. I decided that the Apple Watch, while it can be distracting, was actually affecting my health goals in a major way. While FitBit did offer step challenges, the Apple Watch Activity rings were huge motivators, pushing me to be active and workout most days of the week, if not daily.

So, I have to say that I have changed my mind. If you want to count your steps, track your sleep and simply see who is calling or texting you, the FitBit is the better option. For me, the Apple Watch is the better tech because I place a higher value on fitness and convenience.

All of that being said, Amazon is having a flash sale (Deal of the Day) on refurbished Apple Watches. My first Watch was refurbished and I did not have any problems with it until I cracked the screen (Get a case people, $10 on Amazon. You’ll already by there anyway.). You can save up to 25% on the cost of a Watch and they have Series 1-3 available. If you are interested, hurry over because the sale is today only and while quantities last.

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