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Best of Beauty 2018: Love, Beauty & Planet Deodorant

We’ve all heard the warnings about aluminum in our anti-perspirants. It’s not too great. So, heeding the advise of my doctor, I decided to switch from using anti-perspirant to deodorant. Instead of stopping the natural process of sweating, I was just aiming to stay fresh.

About two years ago, when I made the switch, the deodorant aisles of stores didn’t actually have many (read- actually zero) deodorants. All of the major brands pretty much only made antiperspirants. So, I found myself at Whole Foods in the natural deodorant section. Over the years, I’ve tried a several natural deodorants. The two that I have found to work the best are Schmidt’s Naturals and Love, Beauty & Planet.

I wore Schmidt’s Bergamot & Lime deodorant everyday for over a year until suddenly I started developing rashes under my arms. I honestly thought it was irritation from waxing until one day my husband ran out of his antiperspirant and used mine. He thought it worked well, so he went out and purchased one for himself (different scent). Within a few days, his underarms were also covered in painful rashes. Fortunately, after a few days sans deodorant (thankfully cold weather 🙏🏽) both of our pits were back to normal.

After that fiasco, he went back to his tried and true antiperspirants (he was low-key traumatized and won’t even look at natural deodorant anymore) and I began my hunt again for another natural deodorant that would work. That’s when I found the Love, Beauty & Planet Deodorant in the scent Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower (in Target btw).


This deodorant smells super refreshing (the name really is appropriate) and keeps me fresh all day without any touchups. Natural deodorant wearers know that it is rare for a product to actually last an entire day without having to run to the bathroom to do a quick refresh. Thankfully, this one actually makes it through, and for a natural deodorant, that’s really the top review you can give.

Would you guys make the switch over to natural deodorants?

Let’s chat!

💜Michelle Lisette

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4 comments on “Best of Beauty 2018: Love, Beauty & Planet Deodorant

  1. I’m actually allergic to certain metals and most deodorants give me a rash as well! I’ve been using natural deodorants for years, and in the winter when I sweat less I feel most any brand works, but I’ve had trouble finding one that is good in the summer when I’m sweating more.

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    • I haven’t had a chance to try Love, Beauty and Planet in the summer, but have you tried salt deodorants? I used to use them to layer up when I first started using natural deodorants? The salt kills any bacteria (which would cause the smell) and then the other deodorant you layer on top helps absorb the wetness

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      • No I haven’t heard of that at all, I’ll check that out! For me it’s mostly the wetness that can be irritating, luckily I’m not smelly unless I work out or get stress sweat lol but the summers can be humid here so it’s annoying just having that wet feeling all day!

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