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Best of Beauty 2018: Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

I’m the kind of person that changes their body wash monthly. I like switching up the scents, or changing the formula types (foaming, gel, even bars of soap). Additionally, my husband and I would not use the same one. He has ultra dry skin (and eczema). I have oily acne-prone skin (yes, on my body 😒). So, needless to say, we never looked for the same thing in our body wash product. Not any more.

As I have mentioned a million times since the news of their cruelty-free certification was released, I have been amped to try as many Dove products as I could. So, you can imagine my hypeness when I saw that the Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash was sold at Costco (one of my favorite places ever). Since the body wash claimed to be deeply moisturizing, I thought my husband could use it also; so we grabbed it.


Guys…I am not in the least bit sorry that our trial purchase of this product was a three-pack of the jumbo size bottles (because…Costco). This body wash is fantastic. The scent is pleasant and fresh, not too floral or fruity, perfect for a unisex wash. The formula is a rich, thick cream that lathers like an absolute dream. If you like being covered in a million little bubbles, this is the body wash for you.

After the shower, my skin is left feeling soft and moisturized, but still clean. It feels like I put on a light lotion straight out of the bath without having to do so. I’ve even noticed that my husband’s skin, which is usually covered in dry patches by this time of year, is much more normal than I’ve seen the past several winters.

Guys, I’ve been converted. I am no longer a serial soap switcher. I think Dove will have its place in our shower for a long time to come.

What’s your favorite bath product?

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