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Best of Beauty 2018: Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lipgloss in Beso

Less than seven days left of my 31-day countdown of my favorite cruelty-free beauty products in 2018. Today’s spot goes to a lipgloss that acts more like a lipstick.

2018 was the year of the glow for me. Contrary to the “everything matte” movement of 2017, I wanted my entire face to look healthy and dewy, including my lips. So, I found myself leaning heavily towards lipgloss year-round as my go-to lip product of choice.

Since I already mentioned one lipgloss in the Best of Beauty list, you may be asking: “Why do you have two HG lipglosses? They are lipgloss. How?” If you’ve ever tried to go into an Ulta or Sephora to ask for lipgloss, you know that you can get anything from crystal clear, to metallic gold, to iridescent blue, to solidly opaque red with plumping technology… and everything in between.

The Buxom gloss that I mentioned early on this month is a sheer rose color that slightly plumps the lips. On the other hand, the Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine in the shade Beso is a way more opaque gloss whose pigment is comparable to some of my traditional bullet lipsticks, but with tons of shine.

For most of my makeup looks and daily activities, the mauve shade of this gloss is perfect for most occasions. It’s not too bright, but not quite a nude either. I keep it in my purse as my go to if I forgot my lipstick, or if I just don’t feel like trying to decide on a color. Additionally, the wear time on this gloss is pretty good. I can definitely have it on for a few hours before having to reapply it.

What were your favorite lip glosses in 2018? Do you prefer sheer or more opaque colors?

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