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Best of Beauty 2018: ColourPop Brow Kit

This kit has replaced all other brow products in my collection, both high-end and drugstore.

Fall 2018 has brought me a treasure trove of amazing products. Yesterday’s See-Quins shadows, the Cover Girl BB cream and Vitalist foundation, Tarte Maracuja Oil…. all products that I’ve only had for a few months, but have fallen in love with. Today’s product is no different. I got the ColourPop Best in Brows Brow Kit less than two months ago, and it has quickly replaced every other brow product in my collection.

I purchased this kit back in November in my ColourPop Haul. It contains four full-sized Brow products in the shade of your choice for $20:

  • Brow Boss Gel
  • Brow Boss Pencil
  • Precision Brow Pencil
  • Precision Brow Colour

I have tried all every one of the products, and I think all of them stand up to both their drugstore and high-end competitors. For less than the price of an ABH Brow Wiz you can have the micro-tipped Precision Brow Pencil plus 3 other products to help complete the look.

My favorite of all of the items in Best in Brows is the Precision Brow Colour. Previously, I wasn’t sure what I was going to use once I finally finished up my Benefit Cosmetics ka-Brow, but I’ve already cast it aside for this. I’ve never done my brows faster than when I use this product; plus, it’s budge proof and waterproof. So, my brows look just as good at the end of the night as they did first thing in the morning.

Besides all of the products being great, the value of this Brow Kit is phenomenal. For $20 you can have enough products to keep your brows sculpted for at least half of the year. Definitely will repurchase this once I eventually run out.

What kind of products do you use to do your brows? Let’s chat!

💜Michelle Lisette

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5 comments on “Best of Beauty 2018: ColourPop Brow Kit

  1. I’ve been using Colourpop for my brows! I was using abh but it was getting expensive for what it is…I feel there are so many brands with comparable products!

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