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Morning Makeup Musings #33

Quick chat about a new makeup release over my morning coffee.

Good morning!

So, Makeup Slayve, an indie brand, is releasing a new holiday set, Winter Wonderland, on Friday, and I may have to pick it up. 😬

For only $15, you get a highlighter, and four eyeshadows. I think this combination of colors is absolutely perfect for the holidays, and just looking at the swatches gave me a million ideas for looks I could do with it.

I feel like I have to get this collection now, because it may not be around after the holidays. With small indie brands, usually products are made in small batches, and once they are gone, they may be gone forever. So, since I am so drawn to this one, I think I will go ahead and pick it up on Friday instead of waiting until next year to give this brand a try.

Have you guys ever been so drawn to a product that you could not risk missing out on it? Let’s chat!

☕️Michelle Lisette


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