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Best of Beauty 2018: Natasha Denona Lila Palette

2018 was the year of great beauty discoveries for me. So instead of just doing the top 18 of 2018, I’m using the entire month of December to give you the deets on all of my favorite cruelty-free beauty products that I tried this year. From makeup to personal care, I’ve got you! One product for each day of the month!

Hi guys!

Happy December and welcome to my Best of Beauty MONTH-LONG countdown! Every day of this month, I will be doing reviews on 31 of my favorite beauty products that I tried in 2018.

When I decided to do this countdown, the very first product that came to mind was the Natasha Denona Lila Palette. If I had to pick only one palette in my entire collection to use forever, it would be this one. This palette is everything I need to survive. It has a great range of shades and tones within its fifteen pans, and the quality of each shadow is very high.

I love the packaging of this palette. The vinyl cover with matching border stitching feels luxe. It is a step beyond the typical plastic and cardboard packaging of many palettes on the market. The generously-sized pans feel tucked securely in the packaging and the magnetic closure protects the eyeshadow pans really well, making Lila perfect for both traveling and every day use. I’ve dropped it multiple times with no damage to the any of my shadows.

The color story of the Lila palette is perfect. It contains cool, warm and neutral tones with a few very well chosen pops of color. There are multiple mid-tone colors that can act as transitions for multiple skin tones and that support the range of colors in the palette. The range of tones and colors makes it super versatile. I reach for this palette for super quick, one shadow looks as well as more complex colorful looks. 

As you can see, I clearly have gotten lots of use from this palette. 😬 The colors are arranged in columns by color and tone, making putting together lots of looks super easy.👍🏾

See below for swatches a few ideas on how to create different looks for multiple occasions using this palette.

1- Per Se, 2-Viola, 3-Amara, 4-Cyclone, 5-Nude Vino, 6-Layla, 7-Amethyst, 8-Magnetic
9-Magnolia, 10-Nude Mauve, 11-Juneau, 12-Livid, 13-Purpure, 14-Dragon Bite, 15-Helio

My go-to quick look:

Simply smudge Dragon Bite (#14*) across my entire lid and crease using my finger. Add a few swipes of mascara and I’m out of the door. The green-brown duo chrome shadow adds just enough interest to make me feel put together. 

For a neutral everyday look with a bit more effort: 

Using a blending brush to blend Nude Mauve (#10) through the crease, and a pencil brush to smudge it along the lower lash line. Using a flat brush or a finger, pack Helio (#15) on the entire lid. Blend out the outer corner of the lid and outer crease using  Nude Vino (#5). On the inner third of your lid, use a small, flat brush to lay down Juneau (#11).

You can use the same technique to get a beautiful sunset eye by using Nude Vino (#5) in the crease, Cyclone (#4) on the entire lid, Amara (#3) on the outer corner, and Magnolia (#9) on the inner third… To amp it up a bit, try smudging either Dragon Bite (#14) or Purpure (#13) along the lower lash line.

For a bold purple eye (because I mean, come on):

Pack Amethyst (#7) across the entire lid using your finger or a flat brush. Blend it into the crease using Per Se (#1). In the center of your lid layer Livid (#12), Helio (#15) and Juneau (#11). Use a pencil brush to place Per Se (#1) in the very inner corner of the eye. Using a small pencil brush or liner brush, pack Amethyst right up against the lower lash line. Blend that out using a smudge brush using Per Se. 

I even used this palette for a “Use Ever Color in the Palette” look that I featured in my Splurge-Worthy post back in February.

*The number refer to the numbers in the swatch photos above.

Well, that concludes day one of my 2018 favorites. What was your absolute favorite eyeshadow palette of 2018? Let’s chat!

💜Michelle Lisette 


7 comments on “Best of Beauty 2018: Natasha Denona Lila Palette

  1. SOOOOO PRETTY! It just makes my heart melt. I have only used it a couple of times since I got it because I have been testing out other palettes but its so gorgeous. I need to try out that go to look!

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