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Morning Makeup Musings #22

Quick chat about a new makeup release over my morning coffee.

Good morning!

I hope everyone survived Cyber Monday with their bank accounts still intact.

It seems like a lot of brands are still recovering from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday frenzy as I didn’t see too much in terms of new releases.

One of the few brands that did unveil for us something new was BH Cosmetics. They have released their newest palette- Ultimate Mattes – 42 pans, all mattes.

I have tried two BH cosmetics palettes, both collabs. I loved one but was underwhelmed by the other. So I don’t really know what to expect from them in terms of quality of the shadows.

I will say that the colors in this palette are really beautiful. I wish the layout was more organized by color and tone, but I can definitely see this making a nice addition to a lot of people’s collections because of some of the more unique colors.

Personally, I’m on the fence about this one. I really don’t like large palettes, but with all of the single shadows and individual liquid and creams that I’ve been getting lately, I could easily see this being the one matte palette that could pair well with all of them for any occasion.

I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy anymore makeup in 2018, but I think this palette may go on my list for products I’ll want to grab early in the new year.

Do you guys like all-Matte palettes? Let’s chat!

☕️Michelle Lisette


5 comments on “Morning Makeup Musings #22

  1. I’ve been looking for more palettes with a lot of mattes, so this might be just what I need! It seems that so many palettes have basically two mattes and the rest are shimmers/glitters. I really like using a variety of matte colors 🙂

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    • I think mattes are becoming the new trend. After the Safari palette I’ve seen a few all-Matte palette releases in the past month or two, but this definitely has the biggest selection!

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      • Yes I agree! I was eyeing The Safari palette but it’s just a little too much for one product right now! BH is so affordable… But their quality is a little meh sometimes. I will wait to see some reviews first 🙂


      • Oh no! I did a splurge-worthy on the Safari palette a few months ago. Not worth it 🙅🏾‍♀️. I wish I could remember the other (way more affordable) brands that released all matte palettes after ND. 😩 If I can remember I’ll report back

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      • Oh yes I remember you did! I do think that’s an awful lot for a palette when there’s so many affordable brands with good quality! I did just get the Just Peachy Mattes palette from Too Faced, and the Take Me Back to Brazil is either all mattes or mostly, but it’s not my favorite. Yes let me know if you do 😁

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