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Morning Makeup Musings #16

Quick chat about a new makeup release over my morning coffee.

Good morning and happy Monday!

Over the weekend, I saw ColourPop has launched its holiday collection, and while it’s not what I expected, I’m not mad at it.

To me, I’m getting unicorn dream vibes– very colorful. Almost rainbow, but not quite. Some of the items, like the eyeshadow palette and gloss set are not really my current makeup aesthetic. However, I do think the glitter and gloss shadows are really pretty.

The entire collection will set you back $290, but, of course, you can also buy everything individually.

I am going to be picking up a few items. So, expect to see a mini haul coming soon. I have been really into cream eyeshadows lately so I’ll be grabbing at least one if the gloss shadows to try out.

Note-ColourPop is currently having a 20% Sale, but this collection is excluded.

So that do you think about this holiday collection from ColourPop. Has anything piqued your interest? Let’s chat!

☕️Michelle Lisette


8 comments on “Morning Makeup Musings #16

  1. I love those jelly much eyeshadows… I might have to grab a few! I thought it was strange to do a rainbow collection in fall/winter but I still think it’s gorgeous 😁

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    • I’m so interested to try the jelly formula! I’ve never tried a jelly from any brand 😬😬

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      • This is the only brand I’ve used a jelly from…I actually thought I would hate it, but I found it easy to use and it just looked so bright and shiny! Instantly sold on them lol

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      • Did the formula last all day on the eyes? That’s my biggest concern with jellies- sliding all over the place.

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      • Yes! I always use an eye primer…usually Urban Decay. But I have very oily eyelids so I have to use a primer no matter what lol. But I wore them at least 8 hours with no creasing or moving. If you don’t hold your eyelids down/shut before it dries, though, it will definitely transfer up. I keep my lid shut for about 10-20 seconds after I apply and it’s dry 🙂

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      • I actually just ordered two more yesterday because they are offering free shipping for any amount! It’s until 10 AM PST time Thursday I believe if you’re interested!

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      • That’s good to know because I also have been having ultra-oily eyelids these days. And yea I actually placed an order this weekend and grabbed two of them so I’m excited!

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