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Top 5 Cold Weather Beauty Essentials

Here are my top five must-have beauty items (not just makeup!) for cold weather with cruelty-free drugstore and higher-end product recommendations for each category.

Hi guys!

The cold weather is officially here! The temps aren’t going above 60 (-degrees Fahrenheit) and the nights are regularly sinking below freezing. This means it is time for me to change up my routine just a bit to keep the dry, wind-chapped look far far away. Here are my top five must-have beauty items for this kind of weather (plus product recommendations for each category):

Heavy hand cream

To me, one of the most embarrassing things is having dry, cracked hands. It can happen year-round, but is way more common in the winter with the cold sucking the life from your fingers. Having a nice, thick, intensively hydrating hand/body cream is essential to combat that because normal hand creams will just disappear like water.

Product recommendation: My step-mother recommended a great product that is now holy-grail: Dove Intensive -Cream. This drugstore find stays with me at all times, and I’ve seen the smaller sizes at some Dollar Tree stores and larger tubs on Amazon for around $5 each. So, it is super easy to keep one in all of the essential places (home, office, car, purse, etc.).

Lip Balm

My lips have been suffering! Between the cold air outside, and the heating inside, all moisture seems to be gone from my lips. So, I’ve been reaching for my lip balm even more than usual. Another easy item to just through in a pocket or purse (purses are better so the product doesn’t melt though), lip balm will keep your lips hydrated and plump, and can also add just enough sheen (and some times tint depending on the variety) that you may opt-out of any additional lip products. If you do want to wear a lipstick, putting a bit of balm on underneath will keep the dry, flaky skin at bay.

Product recommendation: EOS Organic Lip Balm. You can really find this anywhere. Almost every drugstore, Walmart, Target and Ulta carries this brand, At this time of year, they have lots of cute holiday sets and gift packs so you can keep one and put the other in  a stocking.

Extra moisture for the face

Just like any other skin that is exposed to the cold, the facial skin tends to get drier during the fall and winter months. For my combo/oily skin, moisturizers that were too heavy in the warmer months are now perfect for me. I even use two- a gel moisturizer with toner/essence mixed in and a heavier moisturizer on top of that.

Product recommendations: Belif* Pore cleaner moisturizer + Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream. The Belif moisturizer is what I take with me to travel or in my gym bag during the summer months since it covers multiple steps in my skincare routine. I. Since it is a gel, it is perfect for oily skin–this also makes is great as a base over which I can layer other products. The Protini was my nighttime moisturizer. When it is warmer, it is too heavy for the daytime, but now that my skin is drier, it is perfect. You can find both of these products at Sephora.

Hydrating Foundation

For the same reason that I double up on moisturizer, I tend to stay away from matte foundations when it gets cold. Instead, I reach exclusively for hydrating ones. To combat extra skin in my T-zone, I just powder a little bit (tiny bit) in the morning and blot, if necessary, throughout the day.

Product recommendations: I’m working on reviews for all of these so I won’t go in detail about any of them, but here are four hydrating foundation options for more oily skin:

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation can be found at Sephora and Nordstrom.

Cover Girl (newly certified cruelty-free) Vitalist Healthy Elixir is sold at Ulta, Walmart, Target and some drugstores.

Physicians’ Formula The Healthy Foundation can be found at Ulta, Walmart, Target and some drugstores.

Cover Girl Clean Matte BB Cream for Oily Skin says it is matte, but it isn’t. You can find it at Walmart, Target, Ulta and some drugstores, such as CVS.


Just because it is no longer summer does not mean that UV rays are a no longer a problem. Make sure to continue protecting your skin year-round with sunscreen…and the  SPF in foundations usually isn’t enough.

Product recommendation: Coola Sun Silk Drops is fantastic. The formula is silky and leaves no white-cast since it is a chemical sunscreen. Most importantly, it protects your skin from more than just UVA/UVB rays. It also protects from environmental and digital aggressors including IR (infrared), and HEV (high energy visible) light. This means rays emitted from lights, computers, phones, etcetera. Who doesn’t want that kind of next-level protection? You can find it at Sephora or on the brand’s website.

That’s it folks. What are your winter/cold-weather beauty essentials? Do you have any product recommendations for the categories I suggested? Let’s chat!

💜Michelle Lisette

*Note- I recently discovered that Belif now sells their products in China, and therefore, pays for animal testing. Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend this product.

None of the products are sponsored, nor are the links affiliate links. 


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  2. It’s been about 40-50 degrees here, and so windy! Definitely have been applying more chapstick! A good lip scrub too! For me, I also need a leave in conditioner of some kind. My hair gets dry in the winter, especially with the wind whipping it around!

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