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Morning Makeup Musings #12

Quick chat about a new makeup release over my morning coffee.

Good morning!

Christmas music has begun playing on a local radio station which has me in a great mood. It feels like the holidays really are upon us. That being said, I feel like the holiday releases have mostly fizzled out.

Today, I saw that E.L.F. Cosmetics is releasing another palette in their Opposites Attract collection: The New Classics.

Looking at this palette, I was instantly reminded of both the Soft Glam and Sultry palettes from ABH. I already have the Soft Glam and was considering picking up Sultry, but for $14 (less than 1/3 of the cost of Sultry), this E.L.F. option may win out. It is really beautiful and I think it would be a great option for most occasions if you like neutral colors (which I do).

What do you guys think? Would you get this instead of an ABH palette? Or would you try both? Let’s chat!

☕️Michelle Lisette

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8 comments on “Morning Makeup Musings #12

  1. Omg that’s a good comparison! That’s literally exactly what I thought when I seen this palette. I’m also super excited about Christmas as well.

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  2. How do you think Elf shadows compare to ABH shadows? I haven’t used elf eyeshadows before, so am curious!

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    • The thing about ELF is that they switch up their shadow formula. So, tbh I wouldn’t be able to say for this palette. I’ve tried some good and some bad from them. Even their good shadows are not as pigmented as ABH, but they are buildable. So, if you don’t mind building up the color or want to save money, I think they could be a good option.

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