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Morning Makeup Musings #7

Quick chat about a new makeup release over my morning coffee.

Good morning!

I’m feeling extra excited today because of the incredible Cover Girl announcement. Unfortunately I didn’t see any new releases from them to discuss, though, so I had to keep scrolling.

I did see that Morphe is releasing a new 39-Pan palette in collaboration with James Charles.

It is similar in layout to last year’s 39A Dare to Create palette. I did get that palette and loved it for a while. My favorite part was the center with the transition shades that could also be used on the face (which I did regularly). This one also appears to have some multi-use shades– a highlighter, banana powder, blush and maybe even setting powder.

Honestly, I ended up giving away my 39A. So, I won’t be purchasing this one. I’m just not super impressed by the Morphe formula, and I’ve tried three different palettes from them so I’m pretty sure my opinion won’t change at this point. One of my good friends does absolutely love them though, so it’s really personal preference.

What do you guys think? Do you love Morphe shadows? Will you pick up this palette? Let’s chat!

☕️Michelle Lisette


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