Morning Makeup Musing #4

Happy November!

The coffee is a little cold this morning, but I still wanted to take a second to discuss a new release. (I’ve been so busy that my coffee has literally gotten cold 😞.)

Doing a quick IG check, @beautynewsofficial just gave us a sneak peek at a new mini palette from Urban Decay.

I want to say that I’m over the warm, cherry tones but this is pretty. I recently discovered that colors like this can work for me as neutrals (s/o to Patricia Bright), and I have been obsessed with small palettes lately. So, this one may end up slipping into my basket depending on the price.

What do you guys think? Is fall all about the cool tones, or can you continue rolling with the cherry and berry palettes? Let’s chat!

☕️Michelle Lisette

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