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Battle of the Brands: Wearable Tech: Apple Watch vs. Fitbit Alta

Hi guys!

Cold-weather tends to keep us indoors so wearable fitness trackers are great ways to make sure you are staying active until the warm weather returns. Two of the biggest brands in wearable tech, specifically fitness trackers, are Apple and Fitbit. I’ve personally owned both, so I’m here to give you my opinion on which one I prefer.

The Apple Watch

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  • Tons of apps- The Apple Watch has a ton of apps. You can connect email, banking apps, social media, games, etc. to your watch. So, you can perform a lot of essential functions without ever picking up your phone.
  • Make & receive calls- You can make calls from your Apple Watch. I had the Series 2. So my phone had to be in close proximity, but it was nice to be able to make and receive calls without taking my phone out of my purse.
  • Activity Rings- The Apple Watch Activity rings tracked 3 key metrics: How many hours per day you stood for at least 1 minute; Minutes spent exercising (elevated heart rate); Calories burned. The calorie tracker changes based on your weekly average. It was fun trying to close my activity rings everyday.
  • Waterproof- If you like to swim, you can take your watch with you to track laps, calories, time, etc.


  • Too connected. It was essentially like having my phone in front of me at all times. You can choose which notifications you want to receive, but realistically, you’re not going to pay hundreds of dollars to not be connected. Once I stopped wearing it, I was amazed at how much more focused I was during the day on the task at hand.
  • Bulky. You can get different bands, but in general, the Apple Watch is bigger than traditional watches that I like to wear. So, I found myself having to choose between fashion and function (missing out on my calories and steps) when going to formal events.
  • Battery life. You MUST charge your Apple Watch daily. It will die early into the second day, even if you put it into Battery Saver mode (using it only as a watch sans other functionality).

The Fitbit Alta

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  • Small and sleek- This fitness tracker is thin and sleek, which I prefer since I have pretty small wrists.
  • Fitness challenges- The Fitbit app lets you join various step challenges, both by yourself and with friends. I’ve found these challenges to be fun ways to motivate me to try to get more steps in throughout the day (as opposed to just standing for the Apple Watch).
  • Battery life- You can wear your Fitbit for SEVERAL days without charging it. I throw it on the charger when I shower everyday, and that’s enough for me to be able to wear it non-stop throughout the day and at night (which it important since I like to use it to track my sleep).
  • Options- You can get a Fitbit Alta for under $200. Fitbit also makes other styles of fitness trackers for a range of prices and with a range of functions based on what you are looking for.


  • Limited functionality. The Fitbit Alta does let you see text, calendar & call notifications. However, you cannot respond to them on the Fitbit.
  • Not waterproof. If you swim as your main exercise, you cannot wear your Fitbit to track it.
  • Calorie tracking. The Fitbit Alta does not seem to accurately track how many calories you burn. I think it overestimates by a lot, which means you may not be meeting the goals you set if you take it as absolute truth.


Personally, I think I prefer my Fitbit. 😱😱😱😱😱😱

It’s funny to me because I had my Fitbit first, lost it, and bought the Apple Watch. Once I had the Watch, I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and vowed to never live without it again. Interestingly, it eventually broke, and the day it stopped working I found my Fitbit again.🙈.

Since having my Fitbit, though, I feel a lot less stressed. As I mentioned, the Apple Watch forces you to be more connected, which means I was constantly getting notifications with no way to escape. I do miss the Activity Rings, but that’s mostly it. The Fitbit tracks key metrics, and I can now track my sleep since I don’t have to charge my Apple Watch overnight. Tracking my sleep has also helped me because I make more of an effort to get more than 4 hours of sleep per day, making me more productive (and less anxious) during the hours that I am awake.

Of course, everything is about personal preference, but I don’t know if I’ll ever buy an Apple Watch again. I strongly considered it, but I think my Fitbit Alta has re-captured my heart.

Do you guys have any wearable tech that you love? Let’s chat!

💜Michelle Lisette


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