No more DramaFever?!?!


I come to you with devastating news…

DramaFever no longer exists.

I have been using DramaFever to watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese & Chinese dramas since I was in undergrad (For some idea of time frame, I graduated undergrad in 2012).

Today, the streaming service abruptly stopped service and ceased operations.

As a subscriber, I am shocked and, honestly, appalled. To suddenly stop all services with no forewarning is, in my opinion, completely ridiculous and shows no regard for its (former) consumers.

I know there are other ways to get my drama fix– Netflix, Hulu & Viki– as I already do use these services, but this is such a huge blow to my binge-watching plans.

What about the shows I was halfway through?!? 😩😩😩

What do you guys think about this such stop of operations? Let’s chat.

😢Michelle Lisette


7 comments on “No more DramaFever?!?!

  1. Oh no! This is the first I’m hearing of this! To just shut down no warning that’s insane! This sucks!!

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  2. That is terrible news! I hope it comes back!
    I would love it if you could check out my latest post 🙂


  3. I was devastated when I found out by trying to watch the latest episode of 100 days my Prince (which I never actually finished). I immediately got onto Viki which is better in terms video quality but does not have the same selection…

    I was impressed though that Dramafever did refund me for my 1 year pass that I had recently paid for 🙂

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    • Yea, I did the exact same thing. KOCOWA seems to have a large selection but I think a lot of stuff is for subscribers… don’t quote me on that though because I was mostly too upset to read through everything 😩

      Unfortunately Viki doesn’t have an app on a lot of Smart TVs (specifically Samsung) like DramaFever did. BUT I did recently find that it has an App on the Amazon Tv (and probably Fire Stick). So there’s that.

      But thanks for reading!! 🙂


      • I enjoyed the read 🙂 I use chromecast for the Viki app which works very well if you wanted to try.

        I live in Australia and KOCOWA isn’t available here (like a lot the shows available on Viki) which really sucks given that I just started a blog about Korean and Chinese Drama 🤦

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