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New at Sephora: Holiday Lip Sets

Purchase or pass? Holiday Lip set edition

Hi guys!

If you haven’t been on Sephora’s website recently, let me warn you, the holiday sets are out in full effect. Some seem like great values to try products you’re curious about, or to grab some you know you already love. This week, I want to pay purchase or pass with a few cruelty-free holiday lip sets that caught my attention to discuss which of these may actually go on my shopping list this season.

Kat Von D, Best of Nudes Mini Studded Kisses Creme Lipstick Set, $44

Purchase: I recently discovered the power of a good lipliner, and as such, have been kinda obsessed with nude lipsticks. Now that the weather is cooling off, I no longer want to reach for my glosses for a hydrating alternative to liquid lips. So, I am trying to find good bullet lipstick alternatives. I think this set has some really pretty nude colors that would work on my medium-deep skin tone, and the mini size makes me feel like I would actually get the full use out of them.

Grande Cosmetics, GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper –Limited Edition Trio, $27

Pass: This set caught my attention because I did not know that Grande Cosmetics was sold at Sephora. I have tried two different lip formulas from this brand–one of which was the Lip Plumper), and I was wholly unimpressed. I actually recently decluttered it. So, I won’t be purchasing this one.

Too Faced, The Sweet Smell of Christmas- Mini Melted Liquid Lipstick Set, $25

Purchase: I have been really interested in try this formula, and I think mini sets are a great way to do so. I am not super impressed with the colors, but I think I’d enjoy at least two of them, and for the price, I would not mind giving the other two away as gifts to friends. I also think the packaging is super cute, and the Sephora description says they are scented based on their names.

BareMinerals, Ethereal Nudes 6 Piece Mini Lip Set, $29

Pass: I am definitely going to pass on this set. I think the colors are nice, but I own one of the Gen Nude Patent Lip Lacquers, and I think it is too sticky for my preference. I do wear it from time to time in the summer, but I would not repurchase it. There are two other formulas in this set, but they do not draw me in enough to overcome my dislike for 1/3 of the set.

Buxom, Full-On Fantasy Mini Plumping Set, $44

Pass: (probably) I am on the fence about this one. I absolutely LOVE the Full-On Plumping Glosses.  I have almost completely finished a full-size of Rose Julep in just a few months, but as I mentioned before, I tend to not wear glosses during the cooler months. I think these would be okay unopened until spring, but I’m not sure it I want to do that when I could spend that money on a product I know I can use now. I am leaning towards not getting it, but I do highly recommend it if you wear glosses year round.

So what do you guys think? Are there any holiday lip sets that have caught your attention? Are any of the five I discussed on your wishlist? If so, let me know.

Thanks  for stopping by!

💜Michelle Lisette



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