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New At Sephora: Natasha Denona & Charlotte Tilbury (Bonus- First Impressions)

Hi guys!

If you guys have not already heard, Sephora just added another incredible, cruelty-free brand to their offerings— Charlotte Tilbury! I was so excited when I heard. I have always wanted to try out the brand after hearing so many good things, but I was not willing to spend 💰 💰 at the department store (at least at Sephora I get points that I can redeem for stuff later 🤷‍♀️ ). So, when I heard that the brand was coming to Sephora, and would be available at my local store, I was overjoyed. 

As my first foray into the line, I decided to try out the Magic Foundation. I heard her complexion products were really top notch, and included skincare benefits as well as making your skin look immediately amazing. 

Image from Sephora

First impressions:

I may have found my new holy grail luxury foundation. Honestly. This product sinks in as if it is a moisturizer, but simultaneously gives a perfect medium coverage (not full coverage as it claims). Even close up, you cannot tell that there is product on your face. I tested this foundation for a full week and it lasts all day, even through a Soul Cycle class. 🤯. I will continue trying this product to see how I feel after wearing it for some time, especially as the weather is getting colder to bring you guys a full Splurge-worthy review, but for now, I love it.

Natasha Denona Safari Palette

Image from Sephora

Guys, I will admit it. I am a Natasha Denona stan. I am kinda obsessed with her regular shadows. (Quick sidenote- I will always specfiy the regular shadows because the minis are awful. There is a difference in formula. I’ve purchased both.)

As soon as I saw that she was releasing an all-matte palette, I was instantly intrigued. Her matte shadows blend so well and last so long. I have tons of shimmer shades in palettes, individuals, liquids, etc. So, I was not put off in the least that it was all matte. Then, when I saw the shades… 😱 …so perfect for fall. Cool-toned, autumn colors in an incredible formula…what better way to bring in the new season. So, I bought it at the Rouge holiday preview event before it even hit shelves. (Someone literally had to go get it out of the back for me…don’t judge me, okay? 🙈). 

First impressions: I love it. Surprise, surprise. As I said before, her mattes are incredible, and these are no different. I have created completely matte looks (I’ll put a picture of one below), as well as used it with other shadows. In all cases, the palette has worked well. 

As with the Charlotte Tilbury product, I do want to keep trying the palette out a bit more. I want to at least use every shade, and try it with different bases (primer vs concealer, etc) before I give a full review. 

Well, that’s it guys. Are you thinking of picking up the ND Safari Palette or anything from the Charlotte Tilbury line? I’d love to know in the comments. Here’s me wearing both products.



Thanks for stopping by!

💜Michelle Lisette


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