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Top three tips for going cruelty-free

Hi guys!

As you may have noticed, I have decided to go cruelty-free. Here are the three things that I have learned that have made this journey super easy for me.

1.It does not have to be all or nothing.

Every step you take to buy one cruelty-free item instead of a non-cruelty-free item is a win. It shows brands that people care, one purchase at a time. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You also don’t have to overhaul your entire existing collection. Just phase things out. When you use something up, consider replacing it with a cruelty-free option.

2.Know that there are TONS of options.

I was shocked when I realized how many brands actually are cruelty-free. From drugstore to ultra-highend, there are lots of brands that care about the welfare of animals and don’t sacrifice quality in doing the right thing.

3. Save bookmarks

There are tons of lists and websites dedicated to outlining which brands are cruelty-free. I keep a few of them bookmarked so that if I am in a retailer and am unsure of a brand’s status, I can quickly check my phone…

That’s it guys! I honestly tried to think of five tips and tricks, but, honestly, those three are really the keys that have made the past several months of transitioning rather easy. IF you have any questions about going cruelty-free, let me know. I will have many more posts in the future about cruelty-free brand and product recommendations. So, stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by!

💜Michelle Lisette



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