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Guide to Shopping the Sephora Spring VIB Sale

It’s here guys! The Sephora VIB Sale is upon us.

Even for a well-seasoned shopper like myself, this sale can have my head spinning with all the beauty-buy possibilities.  Shopping from my loves list doesn’t help, because that is a mile long. So, how does one manage to make the most of this semi-annual sale without also going bankrupt? Well, take a deep breath and check out my list of tips for shopping without regrets.

1. Limited edition items

These sales are the perfect time to grab some of the limited edition items, such as seasonal eye shadow palettes or collaborations. Once these items are gone, they just are. Everyone else will be using this time to grab these kinds of items. So, don’t be left out in the cold wishing for a product that will never be available again.

2. Makeup collection staples

All of the products…Continue reading here

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