Another BH Cosmetics x YouTuber collaboration palette review

Did they nail it again? Another BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette review with swatches.

Happy Hump Day! For this Mid-week mini, I am staying with BH Cosmetics to give you a review of one of their other YouTube influencer collaboration palettes. This one is with Bubz Beauty and is an eyeshadow (only) palette.

I got this palette for free when purchasing some other items. BH Cosmetics frequently has sales, which sometimes include a free eyeshadow palette with purchases over $50. Crazy right?

So here are my thoughts on this one:

Packaging: The packaging is a very pretty light pink with a rose gold lace design. There is a mirror- which is nice. I also think the inscription “Be whatever you want to be” above the mirror is a thoughtful touch. There are no negatives in this category.


Colors: This is another palette of neutrals. The problem I have with this palette is that a number of the colors either do no show up on me at all, or require serious work to be seen. I’m not impressed.


Wear: Unfortunately, the formula in these shadows is not nearly the same quality as those in the It’s My Raye Raye palette. Some of them, such as Inspired, are really patchy and hard to blend. Others are lacking in pigment and take a lot to build up—such as Confident. It is possible to create really pretty looks, such as the one below, with this palette, but it takes some work. Once they are on, I do think these shadows last a decent amount of time.




Overall thoughts: Pass. I will use this palette since I have it, but unfortunately I would not recommend spending any money on it. It just takes too much to make it work.

Well, BH Cosmetics has one amazing palette and one pass. Have you guys tried any of their other products? If so, do you have any suggestions for me? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

-LDS 👩🏾‍💻💜

Author: 💜Michelle Lisette

I love beauty, coffee and gaining new perspectives. Let’s chat.

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