Hello, hello. I hope this Hump Day finds you all well. With the holiday season in full swing, we are surrounded by holiday collection this and holiday collection that. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to makeup. Almost every major brand has released a special limited edition holiday collection. One genre (if you will) of holiday collection items are the sparkle/glitter eye shadow palettes. In this first installment of my “Showdown” series, I will give you a quick rundown three of this season’s sparkly shadow palettes, and which one is worth your holiday cash.

Urban Decay, Heavy Metals, $55


Going in the order in which I tried them, let’s start with the UD palette. I had high hopes for this palette. The colors are beautiful and colorful; it swatched pretty nicely in store. I really thought I would LOVE this, but after a few days of daily wear tests, I realized that it wasn’t really worth the money. I felt like I had to work too hard to make the metalized effect come through. At $55, I don’t want to work that hard. I also felt like the color (not even the shine) got dull before the day was over. My recommendation: PASS.

Fenty Beauty, Galaxy, $39 (at time of publication), $59 regularly


This was one of the most talked about shimmer/glitter palettes of the autumn release cycle. Some people LOVE it. Others HATE it. One of the most heard conversations about this palette was that it was an entire palette of glitter. You can see that just looking at the palette. Once you move past that and accept the palette as one needing companion palettes or shadows to do a complete look, you can judge the palette more fairly. For me,  one of my biggest problems with this palette is that the shadows do not do enough. As a $59 palette of only glitter, I should be able to see the glitter on my lids. I tried several application methods to try to get these shadows to work. I tried almost every single shadow, too; the sparkle is MIA. Interestingly, though, you can see the glitter in the fall out all over your face, but not on your eyes. Recommendation? PASS

ColourPop, Golden State of Mind, $26


I love ColourPop’s Super Shock eye shadows. I also love most of their lip products. So, I was over the moon when Sephora started carrying the brand, and did not even bother swatching the palette in store. I just knew that I would love it like I do everything else from them…WRONG. So, wrong I was. This palette, unfortunately, was awful. I actually could not even pick up any color on a brush, and had to  scrape at the shadows to get something just to come up on my finger. Sadly, this is also a PASS. (T_T)

Think I’ll just leave you hanging without any viable options to get your lids as sparkly as the Christmas lights on your tree? Nope. Instead of trying to buy an entire palette of glitter, sparkle or metal, just buy a couple individual shimmer shadows from City Color Cosmetics.img_3622


Their huge single Shimmer Shadows are gorgeous, and have a majorly pigmented, highly shimmery shadow that really lasts throughout the day straight into the night. At $3.99 each, you can get several beautiful colors that you actually like and will use for the price of any one of the three lackluster palettes I discussed.



Well, that is it for this midweek mini, showdown volume 1. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this amazing holiday season. ♥


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