Splurge-worthy? v.1 : YSL Beauty Review

Ever see a product that you are dying to try, but the price tag gives you serious reason to pause? Well, in my Splurge-worthy series, I’m here to tell if you if it may actually be worth your while to spend your hard-earned cash. Of course, all reviews are subjective, but here you will get all my pros and cons to these bigger ticket items to help you along in your decision.

In this premier post of the series, I am reviewing THREE products from the Yves Saint Laurent beauty line. I’ve heard rave reviews of all three from some top YouTubers, but I wanted to know if they would actually work for a real woman like myself.

All Hours Foundation, $58, sephora.com

YSL foundationThe claims

  • 24-hour wear with no need for touch-ups
  • Transfer-proof
  • Blurs and erases pores and imperfections
  • Soft-matte finish
  • Full-coverage

La vérité

I wore this foundation for several days, including a full work day (7am application to a 10pm makeup removal) and to a wedding with lots of dancing (12pm application to 2am makeup removal). The easiest part of the claims to confirm is the finish. This foundation definitely had a soft matte finish that looked very natural, like healthy skin. This is also a full-coverage foundation. Two and a half full pumps fully covered my face and most major blemishes (and I was suffering from a terrible breakout at the time).

Now, how does it wear? It did last an entire work day without fading at all. With many foundations, if I touch my face at work, I can see foundation residue on my hands– not so with this foundation. When I got ready to take off my makeup, over 15 hours later, I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it had held up. Just looking at my face, I would’ve never guessed the wear time. I do have very oily skin, and for the most part, even dancing hard and sweating profusely at a wedding, my face was pretty solid. The foundation did not melt off, there was very minimal shine, with just a little bit above my lip and next to my nose. A quick blot with a blotting paper was all I needed.

This foundation is definitely splurge-worthy. It has a hefty price tag, but it stands up to its claims. The only con- shade range. YSL can definitely do better with their deeper skin tone offerings.

Touche Éclat Blur Primer, $52, sephora.com

YSL primer

The claims

  • Illuminating
  • Blurs imperfections
  • Makes foundation more radiant

La vérité

I picked up this primer because I was tired of looking at my large pores. I wanted a primer that smoothed out my skin without clogging my pores, and that helped keep my makeup on all day. When I smoothed it on the back of my hand at Sephora, the fine lines disappeared before my eyes and my hand felt like satin.

But how did it wear on your face? Valid question. It wore exactly the same. As I mentioned, I have very large pores. This primer smoothed and blurred like a satin cover. My pores were minimized and my foundation applied much more smoothly over it. Unlike many pore-filling primers, this one did not feel heavy on my skin, and my pores did not feel clogged.

I think the gold flecks in the primer are the illuminating and radiating element of the product. I honestly can’t say that they did anything once the foundation went on, but I will keep an eye out over time to see if my skin becomes more radiant over time. The verdict? This primer is definitely splurge-worthy. It is something that can be worn everyday without causing breakouts from clogged pores, and makes your base makeup look fantastic.

Tatouage Couture, $36, sephora.com

YSL lip stain

The claims

  • 8-hours wear
  • Ultra-matte
  • Light-weight, naked feel

La vérité

I can honestly say that if you are a lip stain wearer, you will likely love this. First, the applicator is genius. More like a spatula than a lipstick applicator, the shape makes it as easy as it could ever be to apply right up to the edge of your lips without making a mess or worrying about bleeding. The formula is hyper pigmented, so one swipe provides rich color BUT, it is a lip STAIN, not a super opaque lipstick. The color does dry down to matte (I’m not sure what ultra matte even means). But, it is not transfer resistant like some other matte lip colors. Like other matte lip products, it is a bit drying, but it isn’t heavy– probably because it’s a stain and not a lipstick. The wear time is very long, so long, in fact, that I have worn it as a base to extend the life of my other lip colors. I will say that there have been times when it faded after eating and drinking , but there are also times when it did not. So, it isn’t consistent in that way. Honestly, overall, it MOSTLY lives up to its claims, but not 100%. So, while it is great, and I may purchase more colors, it’s is expensive AF, and unless you are a true makeup lover, particularly of lipsticks, I will say you can save your money on this.

Well, there you have it folks, two products to add to your splurge list and one you can pass on. I hope this review was helpful and gets you through Hump Day.

Come back this Friday for two brand new posts!♥

Author: 💜Michelle Lisette

I love beauty, coffee and gaining new perspectives. Let’s chat.

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